December 3, 2023

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Things to Contemplate when Considering Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer process

Do you wish to have volume in your breasts? Your best bet would be to undergo breast augmentation fat transfer surgery. The surgery would be essential for women with small breasts or lacking the desired volume. However, when you consider looking for breast augmentation, consider looking for the best surgeon to meet your specific needs. 

Your eligibility and required dosage could only be decided when you discuss the surgery with your doctor. Here are a few essential steps you should know before contemplating undergoing a breast transfer procedure. 

  • Enlargement of the tissue 

Foremost, you might require using a tissue enlargement device for most time to prepare you for the process. It would be dependent largely on the anatomy of the body of the woman. It would also be dependent on the move as recommended by your doctor. The device would match the breasts like a bra and applies mild pressure on them. It would stretch the breast tissue for preparing the fat grafting area and making the most of the grafted fat. 

However, the device has not been recommended for everyone as all users should have the right anatomy and be compliant before using it. The device has been an additional technique available at this point and not the standard. 

  • Insertion of fat 

Your cosmetic plastic surgeon goes on to harvest fat from the body using liposuction or contouring. It would be done after the breast tissue has been made viable and ready for fat transfer. After the fat is harvested, the surgeon would remove the blood and oil from it before injecting tiny amounts all over the breast area. It would be essential for the surgeon to ensure an adequate supply of the fat after injection. 

It would be due to the reason why it does not stay in place without it and the desired effect might be lost. Moreover, individual fat transfers could cause it to liquefy and die. It would result in the development of cysts below the skin and causes inflammation. A successful breast fat transfer process would provide long-lasting results without the need for implants. Radiologists would help differentiate between images of relocated fat cells and possible cancerous calcifications. 

The bottom line 

These aspects would ensure that you get the best results with the best surgeons working on your breast augmentation fat transfer procedure. You should also consider the limits and possible risks involved in the procedure.