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What to do when You Feel Hungry after Bariatric Surgery?

“How should I manage my hunger after weight loss surgery?” That’s a question bariatric surgeons often hear from new patients. It can be difficult to comprehend that somebody who has had bariatric surgery can still be hungry or have hunger pangs. However, it is a normal occurrence that happens to many patients post-surgery. In this […]

How to Help a Loved One with an Addiction

If you have a loved one who has an addiction, you’re probably very concerned about his or her well-being. But your concerns are valid—addiction can have serious effects on your loved one’s life, including ruining relationships and causing health problems that may even be fatal. If you want to help your loved one heal from […]

Knee Cartilage Replacement and Repair Options

In this article, Dr. Sandeep Singh, Bhubaneswar’s excellent orthopedic surgeon, has discussed traditional and newly emerging knee cartilage replacement and restoration approaches. Articular and meniscus cartilage are found in the knees. Articular cartilage aids in the free movement of the knee. Meniscus cartilage also acts as a shock absorber or cushion between the bones. Both […]