May 30, 2023

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Eating Bread: Healthy Or Not

Our daily bread is an essential part of the menu as food. However, baked goods are increasingly criticized today: white bread is unhealthy and breads do not quite fit into the popular low carb diet principle. For this reason, we have gathered some background information on the topic of bread.

Bread As A Staple

Bread is one of the most important staple foods in Europe and North America. Grain has been systematically grown for the production of bread for around 10,000 years. In our culture, bread is the most important supplier of carbohydrates and marked an important step in the development of our modern diet.

White Bread Vs. Whole Grain Bread

White bread is actually inferior to whole grain bread with its ingredients, because white flour is processed without its outer layers, in which the vitamins and other ingredients are found. White bread, for example, contains less fiber, minerals and vitamins than whole grain. In contrast, most grain components are preserved in whole grain bread. It also fills you up longer and is therefore better suited for a calorie-conscious diet.

Recommendation For Healthy Eating

If you value a balanced diet, you should actually eat whole grain bread rather than white bread. On the other hand, the French, for example, are statistically leaner than we are – despite their preference for traditional baguettes. So there is nothing wrong with consuming white bread in moderation.

The use of bread in many households cannot be overemphasized. Think of when you are just back from a tiring work or a stressful day and you feel so hungry you want to munch something into your mouth. In times like this, bread comes in handy, to satisfy the imminent hunger, before you can fix something great for yourself. Some restaurants use bread as a dessert recipe (สูตรของหวาน, which is the term in Thai)