April 12, 2024

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Signs That Your Workout Regime Is Harming Your Body

While exercise is always a good thing for your body and mind, there is such a thing as too much workout. Our body can only take a certain amount of pressure and strain. Too much of anything is harmful and the same goes for your exercise regimen. We have listed down some signs which are an indicator that the answer to the question ‘Am I working out too much?’ is a resounding yes.

Body Soreness Has Become Your Regular Companion

Every workout regimen talks about giving your body time to heal, something that can only happen if you take regular breaks between workouts. While it is understandable to have body pains till one or two days after an intense workout, if it becomes a regular thing then you need to give yourself a break from over-exertion.

Regular Sickness And Fatigue

While it is good to exercise regularly since that improves our immune system, but if you are experiencing constant bouts of sickness and/or fatigue for days and weeks together, it’s a sign that you need to take a break from such strenuous exercising till you recover fully. It is a clear indicator that the answer to the question ‘AmI working out too much?’ is in the affirmative.

Mental Health Goes For A Toss

Exercising regularly is considered to be the key to great mental health and it is something that many doctors recommend as well. But if you are working out like a maniac, it will hurt your mental health as well. You might become crankier, irritable, moody, confused among other things in case you are exerting too much during a workout. However, there could be other reasons as well because of which you should consult your doctor in case you are experiencing any of these symptoms

Resting Heart Rate Is Higher Than Normal

The average resting heart rate for a human body is around 72 beats per minute. But if your heart rate is much higher than that then it is time to stop the workout immediately and consult a doctor.


While exercise is the best possible antidote for many ailments, if you are straining your body beyond a threshold while working out there will be repercussions. Make sure that the next time you ask yourself the question ‘Am I working out too much? the answer is in the negative.