April 12, 2024

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Top Ingredients Your Multivitamin Should Have

Currently, there is a huge population consuming multivitamin. As you take multivitamin, you should consider the ingredients present since you need to get the right nutrients for your body to function optimally. 

Some studies have been conducted over the years, and it is evident that chronic diseases are linked to vitamin deficiencies. Regardless of whether you have a complete diet, you may lack all the nutrients you need, and that is why we require multivitamin. 

When you take the multivitamin daily, you will ensure you are healthy at all times. Also, you will manage to sleep well, and issues that as stress will not pose a significant problem. 

The main question that arises is, how will you know what you are supposed to look for in the multivitamin? Fortunately, you don’t need to be a nutritionist to determine whether a particular multivitamin is worth consuming. 

Below are seven ingredients the multivitamin should contain:

  1. Vitamin D

This is a vitamin that ensures your body will absorb calcium well. The vitamin contributes to your bone health. If you are not getting enough vitamin D, you will incur the following issues:

  • You will experience back and bone pain
  • There is a high chance you will fall ill
  • Hair and bone loss

You can get enough vitamin D by busking in the sunlight for at least 15 minutes daily. The main issue is that the majority of U.S. residents don’t get enough exposure to sunlight. If you are residing in an area that is wintery and you work from 9 to 5, and you are using sunscreen, you will not get enough vitamin D. The vitamin cannot also be found easily in food.

The foods that contain vitamin D include:

  • Egg yolks
  • Fatty fish
  1. Magnesium

This is a nutrient that contributes to the health of your bones. Also, it plays a crucial role in energy production in the body. 

Magnesium also helps to reduce stress and calm the nervous system. If you are suffering from Magnesium deficiency, you are not taking the right foods, so you need the supplements. You should consider eating soybeans, brown rice, nuts, and spinach since they are rich in magnesium.

  1. Calcium

There are many people in the U.S. who don’t get enough calcium because of their poor diet. It means their teeth and bones are not as strong. Foods rich in calcium include slaty fish, beans & lentils, fortified cereals, and broccoli & kale.

  1. Zinc

If you are under intense stress, your body will most likely suffer from zinc deficiency. Zinc usually ensures the immune system is functioning well. Also, the mineral ensures the body can use proteins, fat, and carbohydrates for energy. It also ensures that winds can heal fast. Some of the recommended foods for people with zinc efficiency include pumpkin seeds, oysters, organ meats, brown rice, sardines, spinach, and tempeh. 

  1. Iron

Iron is supposed to be present in the multivitamin considering the body needs a significant amount of iron daily. The advantages of iron include better brain function, increased energy, and healthy red blood cells. If you usually consume red meat, it means you have enough iron. 

  1. Folate

This is a mineral that plays a vital role in the development of the fetus and ensures there are no birth defects. If you are battling depression or conditions such as inflammation, you should consume foods rich in folate, and they include avocado, dark leafy greens, citrus, and beans.

  1. Vitamin B-12

This is a vitamin that plays a crucial role in sustaining the body’s energy supply by ensuring micronutrients such as proteins and fats are broken down. The vitamin also ensures the blood cells and the nervous system is healthy. Also, it plays a vital role in the creation of DNA. Some of the foods rich in vitamin B-12 include poultry, meat, eggs, and fish.

Final Thoughts

Instead of relying entirely on multivitamin, ensure you can get each of these minerals directly from the food. The foods rich in each of these vitamins have been listed in each category.