June 21, 2024

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Sebum Scalp: A Common Hair Condition

Hair growth is a complex mechanism. We may think that it is all about keeping our roots strong by using good hair products, but it is much more than that. The main factor that drives the condition of hair growth is the health of our scalp. Our hair growth is affected by various toxins, chemicals, and other bodily materials like sweat that are released from our body. If we keep our scalp healthy, then only our hair growth will be perfect otherwise there is no point in using expensive oils and shampoos. 

One of the most common scalp-related issues is the sebum scalp. Sebum is a chemical that is released through our scalp that keeps our scalp moist. If this chemical is released in excessive quantity then it forms a condition that is very similar to dandruff.

Issues Related To Sebum Scalp

  • This one is quite obvious, it is hair fall. Excess sebum in your scalp causes hair fall and also hurts your hair growth. 
  • It leads to a condition similar to dandruff although it is quite different. In the condition of excess sebum, there are particles formed in your hair due to a layer of excess sebum. 
  • Excess sebum also leads to issues with your skin. It can cause pimples, acne, or any other skin condition. 

These issues are caused due to sebum scalp.

What to do? 

It is crucial to visit a doctor if this condition is in excess. If you regularly have oily hair and your hair fall is out of control then you need to go to a doctor and get proper medication. 

Although most of the sebum scalp conditions can be solved through home remedies and by following the tips mentioned below.

  1. Set up a proper regular hair routine of oil and shampoo. You need to use the oil and shampoo that are right for you. 
  2. Dietary control is another factor that can help you to resolve the issues related to excess sebum production. 
  3. The length of your hair should also be of the right size, it is always recommended to keep short hair during the treatment of sebum. 


Not only your hair, but excess sebum can cause issues with your skin as well. You must pay attention to this condition as soon as possible. You should also remember that there can be other conditions that are causing damage to your hair.