June 21, 2024

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Developmental disorders: what you need to know

Children reach milestones in how they wave goodbye, smile or take the first step and these are called developmental milestones. Most children develop at a different pace so it is difficult to identify when a child will be able to learn a certain skill.  So, developmental milestones give an indication of a child’s progress and growth whether positive or if there are setbacks. Children complete milestones as they play, speak, move or act. If a child stills lacks in movement or speech and is unable to reach those milestones then there could be something wrong with their development.

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What are developmental disorders?

Developmental disabilities are various groups of disorders caused by impairment in language, physical learning or behavior areas. These types of conditions as development progresses and can last through out a person life. They can also affect day to day functioning of the child.

Most parents know their child best and if the child is not yet reached the developmental milestone that they need to reach at common stages it is time to talk to a developmental pediatrician dubai  in order to catch any disorders of disabilities early enough.

There are various common developmental disabilities and they can range from very sever to mild. These include

  • Genetic disorders

These have a pattern of being inherited from parent to child.  They occur by a mutation of a gene and can be passed down at conception. 

  • Spina bifida

      Meaning, a split spine , its one of the most common birth defect disabilities. It is estimated that eight babies are born with Spina bifida in the United states of America.

  • Velocardiofacial syndrome

  Also know as DiGeorge syndrome is chromosomal disorder which the consequences are poor development f several bodily systems

  • Fragile X syndrome

  It causes sever to mild intellectual disabilities. It can affect both the male and female gender; however, females exhibit milder symptoms

  • Autism

    Autism is refered to as a “spectrum disorder” because people with autism can have various ranges severe, mild or moderate symptoms.

  • Down syndrome

Also known as trisomy 21, it is a genetic disorder due to abnormal division of cells which results in extra genetic material.

  • Cerebral palsy

It is congenital disorder of movement, posture and muscle tone. Usually occurs before birth, it is caused by impairment in brain development.

  • Intellectual disabilities

These, such as down syndrome, are caused by fetal alcohol syndrome, fragile x syndrome, genetic and chromosomal conditions and certain types of infections while pregnant.

  • Chromosome abnormalities e.gtrisomies

This is when chromosome is switched to another chromosome, extra or missing and can have different effects

If your child is experiencing difficulty in behavior or speech and having trouble learning then they may have a development disability and needs a doctor as soon as possible. A developmental pediatrician dubai would be essential to determine the right diagnosis and treatment of the child. There are various treatments that can help deal with the disabilities especially when detected early enough