June 8, 2023

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What is kidney failure?

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Your kidneys are a set of body organs situated toward your lower back. One kidney is on each side of your spinal column. They filter your blood as well as eliminate contaminants from your body. Kidneys send contaminants to your bladder, which your body later gets rid of contaminants throughout urinating.


Kidney failure occurs when your kidneys lose the capacity to completely filter waste from your blood. Many elements can interfere with your kidney health, as well as function, such as:


  • harmful direct exposure to particular medicines or toxic wastes
  • extreme dehydration
  • particular acute and also chronic diseases
  • kidney injury

Your body gets overloaded with contaminants if your kidneys can’t do their normal work. This can cause kidney failure, which can be lethal if left unattended.


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Signs and symptoms of kidney failing


Typically, a person with kidney failure will have a couple of signs of the disease. In some cases, no signs and symptoms are present.


Possible symptoms include:


  • swelling of your ankles, legs, as well as feet from retention of fluids brought on by the failure of the kidneys to get rid of water waste
  • a decreased amount of urine
  • inexplicable shortness of breath
  • consistent nausea
  • excessive drowsiness or fatigue
  • complication
  • seizures
  • pain or pressure in your breast
  • coma


Early indications of kidney failure


Symptoms of early-stage kidney conditions may be challenging to identify. They’re often subtle and difficult to determine. If you experience early indications of kidney illness, they might include:


  • decreased urine output
  • shortness of breath
  • liquid retention that results in swelling in the arm or legs


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