June 21, 2024

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Upgrade Your Practice with Medical Lasers

Medical Lasers

Today there are more options than ever for medical treatment and more patients than ever also have to pay out of pocket. This means that patients are taking their healthcare seriously both for their health and their money. So with patients having all the options and the power to do what they want with their money medical offices are having to up both the marketing for patients and what they can offer patients. In the last ten years, one thing that has become wildly popular is medical lasers which are now just expected to be there in most cosmetic medical offices. But for the provider medical lasers are very expensive and take time to get trained and certified to use them. But on the bright side, the pay off for getting the laser is huge because not only does it help you to keep the patients that you have but it helps to make sure that you are able to still bring in new patients that may be looking at your office.

A lot of providers have found that when they do get a laser they are able to offer so much and even reshape what they do at the office. As more work relies on the laser the more cosmetic focused it becomes and the more money many people are able to bring into the office really allowing them to expand the practice. When it comes to finding the right laser there are always several models available and usually, you can find both the newest and the one before the newest available brand new for a while. The price between the two won’t be a huge difference though and because of that most people just get the newest model as they know at least they are starting from the best and won’t have to upgrade for many years.

New lasers have more benefits for the money than just being the newest thing though which is great because they come with the certification you need to use it on the laser so then you just have to worry about yourself and those in your practice getting trained, it comes with a warranty, and often it comes with support from the company that makes it help you adjust to using it and train everyone. While all of these things are great it doesn’t make the fact the price tag is still huge and would be a hard blow to any small practice but it has to be looked at like an investment in the practice. There are used lasers for sale but with those you have to pay to get them re-certified, there is no warranty and no support from the company. The other downside to a used laser is that if you are not careful about which one you get it could already be really outdated. But on the upside to getting one, it can save over half of the cost of the item. So in order to find the right piece you just have to know how much you want to use it and compare the prices when you add in the extras that you don’t get and have to pay for with a used laser versus buying one that is brand new. There is no wrong answer as every practice is different and it really depends on what you want to do with the practice but either way, it is sure to upgrade the office in the eyes of the patient.