March 2, 2024

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Is The Keto Diet Right For You?

Diets are known to leave you hungry – that’s a known fact, and that’s how they work. Sometimes, you start to feel really hungry within two hours of eating. It also involves calorie counting; that’s why most new year weight-loss resolutions are known to fail. However, the keto diet is created off the idea that you don’t have to go hungry or count potato calories before you can lose weight. The keto diet is popular amongst diabetes patients and those looking to lose weight. A low-carb regimen deals with 80 percent of fat calories, 15 percent protein, and only 5 percent carbs. If you’re really considering jumping on the keto diet and you’re confused about whether it is suitable for you or not, keep reading to find out.

How Does it Work?

Before determining if it is the proper diet for you, you have to understand how it works. When you choose to start a keto diet, you’re required to take no more than 50g of carbohydrates. This is far lesser than the 130g usually recommended. While you’re reducing your carb intake, you’re required to triple your fat intake than the advised quantity. Since the body tends to consume more fat and carbohydrate for energy, it turns to the fat where there’s a low carb intake. The body then breaks down the fat into ketone bodies which the body cells will accept as an energy source without carbohydrate. The whole process usually leads to a satisfactory weight loss, although you will need to adjust your diet periodically.

Upsides of the Keto Diet

There are many leading benefits to the keto diet beyond the weight-loss feature. Sticking to a keto diet can help you improve your body performance and composition. It will help you shed fat and look leaner. However, unlike other diets, you won’t be sapped of energy while you’re at it. As the calories decrease, your body will still be performing in the optimal stage. Carbohydrates like potatoes are recommended because of the low potato calories for keto dieters. While on the keto diet, you won’t also be required to count calories. All you are required to really do is pay close attention to your diet, and you’re good to go. You’ll naturally lose weight by hitting the proper calorie intake when you eat the right food. It is however crucial that you watch the calories and macronutrients on your chosen carbohydrate. That’s why potatoes are advised because there are the low potato calories fact, and it is also rich in micronutrients.

Downsides of the Keto Diet

The main downside to the keto diet is usually the transition period; it can be pretty tricky, which is why many people tend to slip in the first few days. When you’re out of ketosis, you can tell by the low energy and grogginess you feel. A keto diet can also make you dehydrated and cause you to lose electrolyte. To prevent this, you would have to stay hydrated and replace electrolytes lost through your diet.

Is Keto Right For You?

You would need a lot of motivation to sustain the keto diet or make it a way of life. However, people in certain conditions shouldn’t consider the keto diet like those with a mitochondrial disorder or a person taking insulin. To determine if it is right for you, you should work with a dietitian nutritionist who can help decide whether or not you should embark on a keto diet and create a diet.