May 30, 2023

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How to Prevent Acne Breakouts While Traveling

When you’re traveling, you’re exposed to all sorts of dirt, pollutants, and germs in the air, on the airplane seat, on the bus window, on the hotel sheets, or pretty much everywhere you go. There’s also the cabin pressure, the inherent stress of moving around, and the changes in humidity. With all these things combined, it’s no wonder why travel acne is a thing. And if you’re one of the many travelers that experience this, know that all hope is not lost.

If you do not want to deal with acne during a trip or worse, see your breakout in all of your vacation photos, here’s how to avoid a breakout while traveling.

  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

If you’re traveling by plane, the air in the cabin is going to dry out your skin, and when you get off, your face is going to overproduce oil to concentrate. The result? A breakout as soon as you get to your destination. Prevent this from happening by deeply moisturizing your skin before the flight. And not just your face. Moisturize your hands, neck, and lips as well. It will help your skin stay hydrated and resistant to the thin air in the cabin.

The same is true if you’re traveling to a destination where the air is dry. If your skin is used to a certain type of humidity, the sudden drop in moisture can cause your skin to break out.

  1. Pack your anti-acne arsenal

While the goal is to prevent a breakout from happening in the first place, there is no guarantee that no pimple will show up at any point of your trip. In case that happens, it’s better to have your trusted anti-acne products from reliable brands such as Jill Goorman Beauty to remedy the situation.

  1. Don’t wear makeup in transit

Resist the urge to wear makeup during the flight, bus trip, or car ride. Makeup can collect extra dirt on your face while in transit. And unless you’re only traveling for an hour or two, all those germs sitting on your face can eventually lead to an acne breakout or irritation, at the very least.

If you can’t go without wearing makeup, at least take it off as soon as you arrive at your hotel and wash your face thoroughly.

  1. Watch what you eat

One of the best parts about being on vacation is eating. However, be mindful of what you put in your mouth–eating foods that are high in salt, fats, and sugar can guarantee an acne breakout somewhere down the line. There’s nothing wrong with eating these kinds of foods but be sure to limit your consumption.

  1. Sanitize your hands

Never, ever touch your face while traveling. Aside from the possibility of catching an illness, touching your face with dirty hands can easily cause a breakout. Furthermore, make sure to sanitize your hands frequently while in transit, especially after using the bathroom or touching railings, light switches, handlebars, etc.

  1. Use your earphones when taking a call

Your phone will be riddled with more germs than usual when you’re traveling. That said, use your earphones when taking a call instead of putting the phone up to your ear. Moreover, make it a habit to sanitize your phone with an alcohol wipe at the end of each day to minimize the germs that can end up on your hands and face.

  1. Bring a silk pillowcase

The pillowcases at your hotel may not be kind to your skin. The hotel may use a detergent that contains a lot of irritants for skin that is as sensitive as yours. To avoid a potential breakout, bring your own pillowcase. Better yet, bring a silk pillowcase, which absorbs less moisture and dirt than cotton pillowcases.

  1. Go to the dermatologist before your trip

It’s also a good idea to get a cleansing and chemical peel before leaving to prepare your skin for travel. These treatments can get rid of residual debris on your face and reduce the risk of inflammation during your trip. Moreover, you can get your skin looking amazing and picture-perfect for your much-awaited vacation!

  1. Avoid any unfamiliar products

This includes lotions, shampoos, conditioners, facial washes, and any other product that can end up on your face. Bring your own hygiene products to eliminate the risk of harsh chemicals causing irritation on your face.

No one wants to deal with acne while traveling, much less look pimply in photos. To prevent a breakout as much as possible, follow these tips and always be prepared with your tried and tested skincare products.

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