December 3, 2023

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Fashion Hacks You Need to Know Before Trying Vintage Frames

Vintage Frames: They Call It New Trend; We Call It Comeback!

Celebrities are creating hype with this new trend of ‘Have your eyes on vintage’ and fans couldn’t resist following it. For many fashionistas, it is the (new) unique trend while only fashion junkies know that it’s just a remarkable comeback. 

Summer season is here and so are the unique style statement demands. Though when it comes to summer style we (unfortunately) get limited options to complement our outfits with elegant accessory whereas, sunglasses remain on top of the list! 

Vintage sunglasses have taken a twisted (come back) turn in the fashion industry and celebrities are already honouring the trend by getting their hands on vintage sunglasses. 

Although many people are blindly following this buzzing trend though, not everyone can embrace the charm flawlessly.

Hence, before you jump on the bandwagon. Let us reveal some fun-tastic facts of why vintage glasses are not easy to go with.  

It’s all about how you carry 

Unlike trendy sunglasses, vintage frames are not something that can be carried with your ordinary casual outfits (a big NO). To embrace the grace and uniqueness of vintage glasses, you might have to go a little extra with your style statements. 

For this, we suggest you to check on the latest pictures of your favourite celebs and know with which hues they are pairing their vintage shades. Take this brownie tip and feel free to take ideas via searching on Google- best sunglasses for men and women. Don’t forget to click on ‘vintage collection’. 

Pick the most suitable one 

Don’t let your fan base go crazy with the selection of sunglasses. Just because your favourite celebrity wearing it doesn’t mean the frame will suit you too. Be choosy and pick the one that suits your persona most! Feel free to check the collection of Carrera Sunglasses for design ideas. 

They say, sunglasses tell a lot about the personality of a person and we are sure that no one of you wants to take a risk on this. So, select the frame that justifies your facial features and give good-to-go vibes to your personality. Even for this, you can opt for an option of searching for the best sunglasses for men and women and can take idea according to your facial features. 

Colour of your frames matter 

Again, don’t follow the majority because it is necessary to assure that your face complexion and the colour of your frames are balanced accurately. You might plan to go for a frame with bright-white colour and may end up messing up your personality and looks. 

The best way to know which colours will look more ‘perfect’ on you, check your undertone colours. Google the list, check out your skin tone colour look on the list that suits best on your tone (and thanks us later). 

Bottom line 

While choosing your vintage sunglasses, keep in mind that you will have an open choice to whether go for authentic retro glasses or either to opt for a new pair of vintage glasses, the choice is all yours! Though both of the options are available online so you just need to browse and select. But, make sure you are picking from a reliable brand and not being trapped by online scams.