June 21, 2024

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Best ways for relieving headache

The working and active hours on the screen has increased in some past years as most of the work is done on computers, laptops and mobiles. The extra time that the generation is spending on the screen has led to severe problems like headaches, migraine, heart disease, eating as well as sleeping disorders. The headache is the most common problem which is faced by almost every single person. The yoga and massage therapy for headaches can be a good solution to the problem.

Here are some of the yoga tips and basic massage therapies on the pressure points that could help you to relieve your headache. Let’s have a look.

Yoga postures for relieving headaches

Yoga is an ancient technique that gives you the way and promotes holistic thoughts through the combination of postures and breathing techniques. The yoga is a side effect free technique and it can be said the best way to release your headache. By doing some simple yoga postures daily, you can protect yourself from headaches and even all the neurological problems. The most easy and effective postures are the Padmasana that is the lotus pose and the Hastapadasana that is standing forward bend. These postures can release your headache and anxiety and also can enhance your concentration power. The lotus pose relaxes the mind and the Hastapadasana increases blood supply and gives strength to the nervous system.

Massage therapies on the pressure points

The best known pressure point for massage therapy to release headache is the union valley point that is located between your thumb and index finger. This is also called as acupressure. All you have to do is massage between the thumb and the index finger firmly and it will surely help you to release headache.  Another effective pressure point is the Third Eye point which is located between your eyebrows. You need to press at this point gently for at least one minute. It is one of the best massage for headaches.