April 12, 2024

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Why hire a certified fitness instructor online?

Online Coaching — Powerfully You

Are you thinking of getting online fitness classes?

Whether it is due to the circumstances out of your control (such as Covid-19) or just out of choice, there are many fitness enthusiasts who are contemplating getting fitness classes from home.

In this post we are going to talk about the importance of hiring a certified instructor for your online fitness classes.

The Internet connectivity is good. Even a medium-end mobile phone comes with a good camera these days. Getting online fitness classes through a webcam or mobile phone camera using a video conferencing app like Zoom or Google Meet no longer remains an esoteric concept.

There are plenty of online fitness platforms such as Iron Orr Fitness that allow you to subscribe to online fitness classes.

There are many benefits of getting online fitness classes such as

You save time: You do not have to travel to the gym or the fitness center to attend your fitness classes. Traveling regularly in a crowded city can be a big hassle and a drain on your precious time. When you take online fitness classes, you can immediately get down to the business, totally cutting out the travel time.

You save money: When you are taking online fitness classes, you are not using the gym’s or the studio’s infrastructure. You are using the space of your own home. You are using your own broadband connection. You are using your own electricity and your own mobile phone.

You have a choice: There are some instructors who charge by session and this means, you do not need to pay a monthly fee. This way, if you are not comfortable with an instructor, you can always look for another instructor.

There are many more benefits, but right now, we are primarily focusing on the need to hire a certified fitness instructor for your online fitness classes.

Why is it essential that you go with a certified fitness instructor for your online classes?

A good thing about having an online fitness class is that you can have your classes from anywhere. A slightly bad thing about having online fitness classes is that anybody can offer you fitness classes without investing in infrastructure and a studio.

Why investment in infrastructure and studio matters?

In many jurisdictions, fitness trainers can open a fitness studio only if they have the required certification. They cannot open a fitness studio without certification.

Hence, if your fitness instructor has an operational fitness studio and they are providing online fitness classes only because of health concerns due to Covid-19 or you insist on having online classes, it can be safely assumed that your fitness instructor has the required certification.

Fitness training is not just about jumping around and trying to lose your weight in the process. There are lots of exercises that can be of immense benefit, but if done wrongly, can cause irreparable damage.

Whether you take fitness classes online or off-line, you are putting a significant part of your life in the hands of the instructor. You believe the instructor.

You do whatever they tell you to do. You are convinced that by following the instructions of your fitness instructor, health wise you are going to benefit. You trust that there are many exercises and physical activities that you do not know, but your instructor does.

But what if they make you do something that injures you?

There are some injuries that are trivial, but there are many injuries that can last a lifetime. Do you want to take that risk? Certainly not.

A certified fitness instructor is more knowledgeable

Certification is not just a piece of paper. When someone acquires a certificate, they go through classes, training, and workshops.

During these sessions, the person is taught the basics of anatomy and how the human body functions during movements and exercises. You will be surprised to know that many fitness instructors complete a four-year course before they start training people.

A certified fitness instructor can design a unique fitness plan for you

Everyone has unique fitness requirements. Although you may have seen in aerobics classes 10-15 participants dancing and performing similar activities, for fitness exercising, the unique physical condition needs to be taken into consideration. An exercise that can be easily done by a 180 lbs person cannot be done by a 250 lbs person.

Similarly, if you have pains in your knees or other joints, there are certain exercises that can aggravate the situation instead of helping you.

If you have a problem in your back or if your back has been injured, the situation becomes more delicate.

Even if you have no existing injury, making you do weight training that is not suitable to your body type can end up hurting you.

There are many exercises or physical activities for which assistance of another person is required and a fitness instructor must know that such exercises and physical activities must not be performed alone.

And hence, theymust not make you do those exercises. A fitness instructor who has not received his or her certification, may not be aware of such precautions.

A trained and certified instructor always knows which exercises should be done when they are providing online fitness training. They also know which exercises and physical activities require extra support and hence, should not be done alone.

The importance of a certified online fitness trainer for online classes

Delivering online fitness classes is a completely different ballgame. The fitness trainer might be training multiple individuals through a single mobile phone or even a tablet.

No matter how big the screen is, it cannot be compared with doing training in physical presence.

Hence, your fitness trainer will not be able to see how you are doing your training.

Since a certified fitness trainer has received comprehensive training, they have developed enough insight and patience. They will be able to notice even small signs of discomfort among people training with him or her.

Even if something goes wrong, a certified fitness trainer will be able to tell you what to do, how to relax yourself, how to comfort your muscles and even, if there is a need to seek help.

You can compare a certified fitness trainer to a doctor. Just because someone can give you medical advice online, it does not mean it is okay for the person to not be a doctor.

They must be a doctor to give professional medical advice. In the same vein, since fitness training is a very delicate undertaking, you must ensure that when you are getting online fitness classes, you work under a certified fitness trainer.