June 21, 2024

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Use Of Different Types Of Piers To Cover Foundation Repair Huntsville AL

For the first-timers in this world of foundation repair, it becomes tough to understand the types. Mostly, you get to call experts to come, check your current condition, and offer you the rightful methods. Once you have selected a reputed center, you can always trust their works to help save you from any foundation issue. But, getting some knowledge covered on your own is important too, just to be on the same page with the contractor. So, without wasting any time further, let’s try to learn a bit about the foundation repair types first.

The basic ones to cover first:

The first on that comes to your mind while thinking about foundation repair is the steel pier. The introduction of such piers has actually revolutionized the current foundation repair procedures. The steel piers will take quite less time and won’t disturb the landscape, much like the traditional concrete ones. These steel piers have rightfully progressed and now have become quite data-driven and technical for installing! Another one is the helical piers, which are perfect for exterior foundation repairing and interior slab repairing. Helical piers are perfect for new construction and even as repairing method. Some of the light-loaded zones like porch structures and columns are a perfect match for these piers.

The concrete-based pier foundation repairing:

Foundation companies, mostly, will use the poured-in-place traditional concrete piers in the present preconstruction structure phase. But, they can further adapt for use in the repairing sector too. This form of foundation repair Huntsville AL is targeted to be a preferred repairing method before the hydraulic driven steel piers were invented. These concrete ones were designed for that permanent repairing mean but had its drawbacks too. That’s why modern science came up with other pier options to help safeguard your foundation in the best possible manner.