June 21, 2024

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Sex Change Surgery: All You Should Know

This is an operation with a radical purpose: to convert the genitals of one sex to the opposite sex. If the sex change from man to woman is performed, it is known as vaginoplasty, and if it is a sex change from woman to man, the technique used is known as phalloplasty.

What Does Sex Change Surgery Consist Of?

A distinction can be made between the sex to be changed; that is, the procedure will not be the same from man to woman as from woman to man. However, in both cases, hormonal treatment will be abandoned weeks before the transgender operation.

In the case of a change of sex from man to woman; vaginoplasty, the surgeon will open the penis, separating the cavernous bodies that compose it, as well as the vascular-nervous pedicel. With excess skin, the vaginal walls are shaped, and the glans is used to create the clitoris. On the other hand, with the scrotum, the vaginal lips are formed, and the vagina is deepened, which will be placed in a space between the bladder and the rectum. In turn, the urethra is cut and placed in front of the new vagina, putting a dressing on it so that the skin of the vagina does not move.

In the case of a change of sex from woman to man, the technique used is known as phalloplasty, in which a penis is reconstructed using tissues from other parts of the body such as the skin, abdomen, thighs or arms. The new penis allows foot urination and is sensitive tactile and erogenous, although, to have sexual intercourse, you will need to have a prosthesis implanted. Once the penis has been modeled with the chosen tissues, it is transported to its final position, and veins and arteries are sutured.

At the same time, nerves from the clitoris are connected to those of the penis, while the clitoris itself will remain hidden inside the penis. The urethra will be prolonged with a skin graft of the inner wall of the vagina. For its part, the labia majora form the new scrotum, and once the scrotal bag has been obtained, silicone testicular implants are placed.