June 21, 2024

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Severe Conditions Pregnant Women May Develop

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are in caring for your unborn baby, issues occur, such as diseases or infections. Though they can be detected early on during your antenatal appointments, not all of them can be cured. Examples of such are birth defects that will render your child disabled for all their lives, or a disease you’ve contracted that can kill the fetus in your womb.

And because not all pregnant women have access to healthcare, some only discover these issues too late. Therefore, to increase awareness, let’s walk through the health issues that can end your pregnancy, or give you a reason to do so.

Maternal Health Issues

You may develop a certain health issue that proves fatal to you and/or your unborn baby. Pregnant women are generally more susceptible to infections because pregnancy affects every system in their bodies. The seemingly harmless hormonal changes are actually disrupting your immune system, and labor and delivery are risky times for you and your baby.

Your immune system undergoes some changes while you are pregnant. This is to protect you and your baby against diseases. Some parts will be stronger, while others will get weaker. This creates a balance that can prevent issues in your baby without compromising your health.

However, these protective mechanisms still make you more susceptible to infections that you wouldn’t normally get sick from. That’s because the fluctuations in your hormone levels can affect your kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. In addition, you may develop fluid in your lungs, potentially leading to pneumonia.

Other diseases that can terminate your pregnancy are cancer, placental abruption, hyperemesis gravidarium, and advanced preeclampsia. STDs, cytomegalovirus, flu, rubella, parasitic diseases, listeriosis, Zika, strep, chickenpox, and Fifths diseases are also highly dangerous for you and your baby, but preventable.

Fetal Abnormalities

During the second trimester of your pregnancy, doctors will be able to detect a condition that could negatively impact your baby’s life or could kill them before they’re even born, or shortly after their birth. In any of those cases, your doctor may give you a choice to terminate your pregnancy.

Fetal abnormalities include

Meta Title: Health Conditions That Can End Your Pregnancy

Meta Description: Though most pregnancies progress normally, some are thwarted or even terminated by an infection or disease. Many of them are preventable, but mothers who don’t have access to pre-natal care may only discover them too late. Read on and learn about these conditions.