June 21, 2024

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Prevent gynecological problems with the regular pelvic exam

In today’s fast and ever-demanding lifestyle, remarkably large numbers of women have infertility and other gynecological problems such as irregular menstruation ovarian cancer, cysts, sexually transmitted diseases, unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge, etc. To detect the signs of illness and root cause of infertility most of the doctors recommend pelvic examination (ตรวจภายใน which is the term in thai). Every woman deserves happy and healthy life and pelvic examination for once in a year will help you to have control of your health. Any sort of gynecological issue could have adverse impact on the emotion and social life hence choose the best near gynecologist and plan for pelvic exam.

Things to consider

Depending on the age, present complaint, medical history, etc. the doctor will decide the type of exams such as Visual exam, Speculum exam, Pap smear or Manual exam. Before scheduling the appointment for the exam it is advisable to discuss with the doctor regarding the pre-procedure precautions and the right timing for the procedure. Ask question to the board-certified and experienced doctor online via reliable healthcare platform such as Honestdoc and get answer within short period of time. Even you can book the appointment via the platform and also read the reviews of the clinic on the same platform.

Feel comfortable

Many women across the globe avoid pelvic exam due to shyness and embarrassment. Hence first meet the doctor and ensure you are comfortable with him/her so that you don’t have to deal with uncomfortable situations during the exam and also when the doctor will ask you personal questions. While choosing a gynecologist for pelvic exam consider few factors and have smooth experience

  • Take recommendation from well-wishers
  • Check the credentials and reputation of the doctor
  • Evaluate the hospital environment and staff friendliness
  • Ensure that the hospitable is well equipped with the latest technology and the report is reliable
  • Make sure the doctor encourage open two-way communication