June 21, 2024

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Is Hindu Kush strain an Indica 

Hindu Kush cannabis seeds are pure feminized Indica strain. The Hindu Kush’s name comes from the Hindu Kush ranges near Afghanistan, bordered by Pakistan, where this strain grows. This pure Indica is everything that Indica theme lovers look for in their cannabis. 

You can access pure and fresh Hindu Kush strain by connecting with a reputable seller. A trustworthy name will always provide you with top-quality feminized Hindu Kush cannabis seeds for your homegrown cultivation. Let’s learn more about this Indica strain. 

About Hindu Kush history 

As the information comes along, it shows that the Hindu Kush is a cannabis thriving in the wild terrains of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the borders. And Hindu Kush valley if from where this strain gets its name. 

The exciting part is that it is not a recent discovery. The Hindu Kush has been around for umpteen years. Generations have gone by in this sub-continent, and users swear by its effect. 

Spectacular outcomes are the trait that defines this cannabis. And, what’s impressive is that it’s pure, not crossed, nor a hybrid. The balanced structure of high THC and low CBD creates an intense and energizing effect, with a cerebral buzz that leads to clarity and calmness. 

About growing Hindu Kush 

When you plant a seed in the ground, you get a stable Hindu Kush marijuana plant that’s small and has dark green foliage. You can also observe buds and resin all the way. 

The strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Outdoors, it needs a dry, sunny climate. Indoors, growers can control the lighting conditions and obtain a delectable yield. Even the novice can experiment and grow this hassle-free cannabis strain. 

Let’s have a look at the growth dynamics. 

Genetics 100% Indica 

Suitability outdoor and indoor 

Seed type Feminized 

Indoor flowering 45 to 50 days 

Outdoor flowering Late September 

Indoor yield 350 to 400 g per sq. meter 

Outdoor yield 400 to 550 g per sq. meter 


About the crossing of Indica strains 

The strains, whether Indica or sativa, have evolved. There are lots of crossing and selections that go into the making of that perfect strain. Still, connoisseurs of an Indica will always prefer a pure weed. And the Hindu Kush is for lovers of good taste.

Breeders have tried their hands to offer strains that carry a hundred percent Indica characteristics. Sometimes, crosses infuse striking attributes of two or more parent plants into one. The infusion tends to create additional benefits in a crossbreed

Plants that have vital Indica elements may share some characteristics with hybrids. They can have a strong and robust structure that is compact. Besides, you also get significant outcomes like 

1 – High resin production 

2 – disease-resistant features 

3 – Strong branches 

4 – Short distance between nodes 

5 – Compact, dense buds.

To conclude 

The Hindu Kush carries an intense flavor and aroma with citrus, sandalwood, fresh ganja/charas tones. It is the go-to Indica for lovers of potent effects for body and soul relaxation. To learn more about HIndu Kush, you can visit https://homegrowncannabisco.com/products/hindu-kush-feminized-marijuana-seeds