March 2, 2024

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Children Need Physical Fitness

Eating right is not the only thing children need to do to stay healthy. They also need exercise. Exercise should be a daily routine with anybody, including children. Sports are healthy and fun and can include but are not limited to riding a bike, jogging, soccer, dancing, skiing, basketball, swimming, and football. Children should accumulate at least 60 minutes of exercise every day of the week.

There are many reasons why physical fitness is a must. Good physical fitness increases cardiovascular endurance. Heart disease is a leading cause of death in Americans. Being fit can help prevent heart problems. Also, these activities can help the heart pump blood in a more efficient way. This reduces the chance of high blood pressure. These are not the only disease and conditions that can be prevented from good physical fitness. Some other diseases prevented from physical fitness include: diabetes, colon cancer, and bone fractures.

Exercise also improves large muscle strength and endurance. As your child builds his muscles, he will be able to exercise for longer amounts of time. Stronger muscles can help prevent injuries because they support the joints better. Sit-ups can increase lung capacity, help prevent back injuries and strengthen abdominal muscles. A good exercise for strengthening his upper body could include pull-ups.

The more your child works out the more flexible he will become. To be completely fit your child should be able to bend and move their bodies any normal way without being injured or causing aches. Children can become quicker by being more fit. Losing flexibility with age is not uncommon but can be retarded by exercising throughout life. Staying fit as a child helps you stay fit throughout life.

To maintain proper weight one must exercise. During pre-puberty years, almost twelve percent of children are overweight. Physical activities help burn calories and fat and even help cut down their appetite. Be a good role model! You children do what you do. Show them you think physical fitness is well needed too. Exercise with them, or even without them, but let it be known to them that you do exercise too.

Stress that is unmanaged does a lot more to your child’s body then you may think. It can cause muscle tightness which could lead to headaches, stomachaches and many other kinds of pains. Managing and dealing with stress is very important to learn so your child can go on living a normal and healthy life.