June 21, 2024

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Beauty Benefits You Can Gain from Using Barley

Barley is an ancient grain that is high in vitamins and nutrients, low in calories, and packed with fiber. Barley has numerous health benefits that are already backed by science through years of study and research.

But did you know that other than its health benefits, it also has certain properties that make it an effective beauty treatment?

Here are a few beauty benefits that barley has to offer.

The Beauty Benefits of Barley

Barley is one of the more familiar grains that we can find around the house. It is a highly versatile ingredient that can be used in different dishes. But beyond its versatility as an ingredient, it also offers certain beauty benefits for its regular consumers.

  1. It helps with weight loss and maintenance.
    One of the amazing benefits of regular barley intake is it helps with weight loss and maintenance. Unlike other diets, including barley in your regular food consumption gives you the minerals and nutrients your body needs and leaves you feeling full longer because it is a satisfying meal that’s low on calories.

It contains several kinds of amino acids and fiber that regulate the body’s blood sugar levels which helps avoid the sugar peaks and drops typically associated with fat storage. Barley intake is a natural way of losing weight that a weight management doctor can get behind anytime.

  1. It has healing and restorative properties.
    Barley is rich in phosphorus, a mineral that plays a crucial role in the body’s development and regenerative processes. It also contains a healthy amount of zinc which promotes and speeds up the body’s healing process.
  2. It helps make skin healthier.
    Some of the essential nutrients contained in barley are antioxidants, vitamin C, and minerals. These help make a person’s skin a lot healthier compared to those who rarely take barley. They are proven to reduce the rate of inflammation from taking place in the body, which generally makes it healthier. You know what they say, “Healthy body, healthy skin.”
  3. It improves the skin’s elasticity.
    Other than vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals, barley also contains selenium. In fact, it is rich in selenium which helps improve a person’s skin elasticity and other functions in the body. So not only do you have healthy glowing skin with barley, but it also gives you younger-looking skin with minimal wrinkles and blemishes.
  4. It gives the skin a healthier and more pleasant tone.
    Barley isn’t just great at giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function healthily. Aside from giving you proper sustenance, it also functions as a detoxifying agent of some sort as it rids your body of toxins and other free radicals. This leads to noticeably healthier and youthful skin.
  5. It has anti-aging properties.
    Barley is perhaps the closest we can get to the fabled Fountain of Youth. Because it is packed with antioxidants and other minerals that flush toxins out of your body, barley helps make you look a lot younger than you really are, a side effect that almost every person will never say no to.
  6. It makes hair healthier.
    Not only is barley great for the body and skin, but it also helps improve the health of one’s hair. Many people are insecure about their hair as they grow older which leads to a lack of confidence and lower self-esteem. Since nutritional deficiencies are often reflected in the hair, the same thing happens when you have good health. The abundance of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants helps produce healthier hair.
  7. It improves and promotes hair growth.
    Certain minerals that promote healthier and fuller hair growth can be found in barley. It contains niacin, thiamin, and Procyanidin B-3, which are all essential nutrients that promote and stimulate healthy hair growth.
  8. It restores the hair’s natural color.
    Inevitably, people will have gray hair. That’s just how nature works. The older we get, the more white hair strands we have. This is especially true when we hit our late-30s. The white hairs start multiplying exponentially, and all of a sudden, you’re rocking a salt-and-pepper do. You have the choice of dyeing your hair, or you can do it naturally and add barley to your regular diet as it contains copper that helps create the pigment for hair color.
  9. It helps prevent hair loss.
    One more thing that aging brings is hair loss. Like hair color, you can have it treated by going to a dermatologist for serum injections or hair transplants. The alternate and organic route to slow down and prevent hair loss is to take barley regularly. It has copper and iron that enhances the production of red blood cells that keep you from losing hair.

With all of the barley’s health and beauty benefits, adding it to your regular diet can do wonders for you and your body.