December 3, 2023

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What Are Finasteride 1mg 30 TabsAnd What Is It Used For?


Knowing certain drugs is very important as it saves a patient from various side effects and bad health in the future. Before you consume Finasteride, it is beneficial to know its facts, such as its usage, side effects, consumption quantity, and precautions taken before and while consuming, respectively.

Finasteride is a medicine which is used to shrink the enlarged prostate. Adult men face an enlarged prostate’s embarrassing problem, which should be cured as soon as possible. The doctor prescribes this drug in combination with other medicines to reduce the size and disease. Because of this drug solely, prostate surgery chances are also prevented in many cases. If the problem has not reached to the acute level, then Finasteride will surely help in the treatment. 

Finasteride 1mg 30 tabs are used to improve the frequent urination urge problem. Those who suffer from irregular urine flow, nighttime urination issues, and feel that the bladder is still filled with urine are given the drug mentioned above in a certain quantity for a particular period. It is like an antibiotic that could not be taken without doctors’ advice and supervision.


How it works

This medicine works effectively by decreasing the quantity of a hormone constructed in the human body, naturally known as DHT. This hormone causes the growth of the prostate, and by its disorder, the prostate is enlarged. However, prostate cancer could not be cured by the intake of finasteride drugs.  


Side effects

If the drug is taken in a limited amount as prescribed, then no side effects are seen. Still, in case the side effects prevail, then consumers should stop its intake. There are following visible side effects that are listed below-

  • The sexual abilities have become weaker, or desire is reducing day by day. The quantity of semen is decreased in some men after its consumption. 
  • The excess hair growth on pubic regions, underarms, and other men’s body parts may occur.
  • Tenderness in the testicles with pain and uneasiness in the nipples.


How to use this drug

The medicine is meant for oral consumption. It is not insoluble in water, so it is consumed by swallowing. The finasteride drug is taken once a day in usual conditions; if the acute stage has arrived, the doctor may increase the dosage. However, the crushed tablet or broken tablets should not be consumed by a pregnant woman or a female willing to become pregnant.


The drug should be used regularly until the shape and size of the prostate are back to normal. The time should be kept in mind while taking this medicine; for example, if you have consumed at 4 PM on the first day, it should be taken daily. The treatment may last from a 6 to 12-month span, so be patient and wait for the results. In case still not beneficial outcomes are achieved after its regular intake, then contact your doctor immediately.