May 28, 2023

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Women and Beauty – The Quest for Beauty, Buying From QVC

Women, being beautiful, or at least something that doesn’t scare folks on the street is a daily chore. You know the table overflowing with beauty lotions, creams, scrubs, ointments and rubs. Something for women to put on at night and something to take it off in the morning. Something for the shower, something for after the shower and something for before you put your clothes on. A bewildering array of beauty products designed to enhance you and hopefully lift your spirits.

Well, I learned, with humor, that you can’t get everything out of a bottle. So, let me tell you about the night I was watching QVC with my checkbook a little too close at hand.

On my television screen that evening, there was a miraculous beauty product, whose name I have now forgotten, that was designed to reduce visible wrinkles in 20 minutes. Just 20 minutes! (Makes you think about what the invisible wrinkles are about.) I watched with close attention, as a woman with a touch of white in her hair confidently sat upon the high chair as the camera zoomed in for a close up shot. Closer and closer the camera went until finally wrinkles came into view. There they were, little tiny lines radiating from the corners of her eyes.

So saszam, a little dab of the elixir and 20 minutes later, the model’s skin looked younger and as radiant as promised. So with the clock ticking away toward the end of this amazing introductory offer, I quickly grappled for the phone and feverishly dialed in.

Like clockwork, A few days latter, the order arrived. I eagerly ripped open the package and dashed upstairs to the my bathroom mirror. I washed my hands and face, clearing away as instructed all accumulated oils and dirt. I put the prerequisite amount of the magic lotion, just as they showed us, on my middle finger and stared deeply into the mirror at my eyes and found… I didn’t have any wrinkles!

So, the moral of this story is:

QVC can sell anything to you in the space of 20 minutes.
Even if you don’t need it you could still end up buying it, and
Some of us have way too much time on our hands.
So before you reach for the phone and dial in clamoring for your very own bottle, tube, vial, tub, your magic beauty cream, women ask yourself, do commercials make you feel …withered, dried up, cracked, caked, oily, frizzy, flat, shinny, pealing, with an itchy scalp? If so, do what I now do. Turn off the TV, grab a good book and remember, you are just a cute as you were before the commercial. So,”have you ever notice how you can put your makeup on much faster in the dark?” That is the real key to beauty.

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