June 21, 2024

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What is Monkey Dong for Passing a Urinalysis?

The main idea of synthetic urine, such as Monkey Dong is to create an alternative to real urine so that you can substitute it instead of your own for passing a drug screening. 

You can find it in two forms, including powdered form that you have to mix and combine with water by yourself, or pre-mixed solution.

At the same time, some manufacturers are adding kits within the package with heating pads so that you can maintain the temperature vital for passing. 

Remember that using synthetic pee is illegal and considered law violation, which means that you may have legal consequences, and the employer will terminate your application or contract.

What Is Synthetic Pee?

The main idea is that using fake urine means that you will get liquid that contains appearance and chemical content that mimics the real one. At the same, it features actual urea, which means that it resembles closely when it comes to smell and look to the natural urine.

You can find a wide array of brands on the market, but you should check out the ones that feature appropriate ingredients inside so that you can pass the test with ease. 

The entire process of tampering is challenging because you have to smuggle it inside the testing room, but some brands come with extensions and additions that will help you hide it even under supervision.

The process of handling synthetic urine is highly convenient, but you have to follow specific instructions to make it efficient. The most important consideration is to get the right temperature because it is too heated or cold; it will not pass as a real thing.

We all know that pee is warm, especially right after the process, so if the temperature is off, the laboratory technician will start to suspect that you tried to cheat the test. You need to make it approximately 96 degrees F if you wish to pass the latest and high-advanced testing procedures.

Everything depends on the brand you decide to use, but in general, you can get the one that features heating addition, while powdered ones can be problematic for first-time users. You can also get a strip that will indicate the exact temperature so that you can double-check everything.

How to Heat Fake Urine?

Why Is It Important In The First Place?

When you see the real urine when it exits the body, its temperature should be approximately between 90 and 100 degrees F, especially if you are doing it in the lab. 

Therefore, if the result is too cold or hot, they will suspect that you used a fake substitute, and may require you to repeat the process.

The best way to pass a drug test is to heat it precisely at 96 degrees F, and use strip for checking it out before submitting it.

Check out this site: https://drugtestingreviews.com/monkey-dong-review/ to learn everything about Monkey Dong and its difference from other brands when it comes to synthetic pee.

Should You Reheat It In Microwave?

If you wish to reach the perfect temperature based on the information you read above, the microwave is ideal option. Some brands come in microwave safe bottles, as well as temperature strip so that you can avoid overheating it.

Most of them feature microwave instructions on the label, but if you cannot find it, we decided to present you these simple steps:

  • Stick the bottle in the microwave, and make sure that you place it in ten seconds because you do not want to overheat it. Remember that as soon as it reaches the close temperature, it will be too hot to touch it, so use the gloves or something to protect your hands.
  • We recommend you to attach the warmer to the container. It is the perfect size as the bottle that you will get within the package, and it can maintain the temperature for eight hours straight. That is highly convenient solution if you reach the lab and wait for hours for your turn because it will not be able to lose its heat throughout the process.
  • As soon as you decide to pour a heated sample of fake pee, you should shake it up a little to create small bubbles and foam. Remember that pee tends to naturally feature tiny bubbles on its surface especially if you do it with force and fast, which is mostly the case during the urine tests because you will have to hold it inside so that you can do it in the cup under supervision. Even though it is not mandatory, it will prove to technicians that you are handling a real sample.
  • After you finish, it is vital to clean up, which means whipping out a bottle from your pocket. Handle everything as always and avoid leaving evidence that may prove that you tried to substitute the sample.

If you wish to pass a urinalysis, you need to this guide: https://www.wikihow.com/Pass-a-Urine-Drug-Test for more information. 

Do You Need a Urination Device?

Even though it is not necessary per se, it is a much better choice to purchase it because you will never know whether clinic will require supervision during the testing process. 

Remember that most brands come with an entire passing kit that features urination device that resembles genital area so that you can appear truthful. 

If you wish to get one, we recommend you to do it a few days before the test so that you can practice moving around with it and peeing inside the cup while others are watching you.

Try to avoid wearing tight clothes because it may be transparent in the form of bulge that you are wearing artificial urination device that contains pre-mixed fake pee solution inside.


We can easily say that fake urine is a much safer and healthier alternative to detox drinks, pills, and kits that will create havoc to your detoxification system. At the same time, it is efficient, and you will be able to pass it by following proper instructions you will get on the label.

It is a simple alternative if you wish to pass a test with ease, but in some areas, it is illegal, so employer will fire you if they catch you, but they would fire you due to substances inside the urine, which is quite the same, right.