December 3, 2023

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What is a Facelifting?

Facility surgical treatment is typically done as an outpatient procedure. It may involve a local sedatives and anesthetics or general anesthesia.

The treatment can take from 2-5 hours, as well as the person can normally go home on the same day after surgery.

In a conventional facelift, the doctor makes a cut before the ear, prolonging up into the hair or hairline as well as behind the ear right into the hair-bearing scalp.

The cosmetic surgeon Facelift Botox [โบ ท็ อก ลิ ฟ หน้า, which is the term in Thai] the skin off the deeper facial muscles, as well as fat, gently pulls the skin in an upward and posterior instructions, as well as eliminates the excess skin. They might tighten the deeper cells of the face.

A tiny laceration, or cut, might be made under the chin to tighten the skin as well as deeper cells of the neck. This is known as a neck lift.

The cuts are after that closed with stitches and possibly staples. A drain may be placed under the skin behind the ear for a couple of days, to get rid of any type of excess blood as well as fluids. Bandages are applied.

Is it worth it?

A facility intends to produce a smoother, younger look.

The treatment:

  • gets rid of and tightens up drooping skin
  • lifts the corners of the mouth
  • minimizes the droop the cheeks around the jaw line
  • lowers the creases between the cheeks as well as the lips

The incisions behind and before the ear are typically not obvious.

Nonetheless, there can be some downsides.

A facility does not last permanently

Research suggests that 5-50 percent years after surgical procedure, 21 percent facilities relapse; however, that 76 percent of individuals still look more youthful than they did prior to the operation.

In guys, it can be more difficult to accomplish a natural appearance after surgical procedure, since they have hair before their ears, or sideburns. If the hairs are drawn backwards as well as upwards, this can look weird.

In both males and females, a facelift can cause distorted earlobes.

If way too much skin is got rid of, the face can look pulled-back or startled.

For the best outcomes, a person might need additional treatments, such as a neck lift, lipo, eyelid surgical procedure, fat injection, temple lift, elimination of cheek fat, chemical, eyebrow lift, or laser peel off, as well as chin or cheek implants.