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What are the normal and abnormal sperm analysis test results?

What are the reasons to do sperm analysis?

When a man is not able to impregnate his female partner then he needs to check all factors that are behind this issue. After he goes to an infertility treatment doctor, then such a specialist does analysis of his sperms and gives its test results that may be normal and abnormal.  We can say that the sperm of infertile males has to be diagnosed well by a doctor. For this reason the patient has to submit his semen sample that has been ejaculated at not than more than half an hour. Such a test is generally done to know what the sperm count in that semen is and are all sperms healthy, motile and virile. Fertility Treatment Center Scottsdale is one of the best spots where a male can get his sperms checked.

What does sperm analysis indicate?

While doing semen analysis it has to be collected and kept in a clean container. Then the doctor does analysis to know its fertility and quality. Every semen sample may not be of the same kind. Sperms in different men may vary in terms of fertility, quality and virility including their motility. For this reason we recommend doctors and infertility treatment professionals to do sperm analysis with the greatest care and precaution. When the sperms of an infertile male are checked then the doctor examines their quantity, mobility, size, shape and quality. In such tests the quality of sperms is also determined with their color. It has been found that if any man has less than 15 million sperms per millimeter then it is deemed that he has a low sperm count.

Sperm testing guides infertile males in the right way

It has been deemed that if sperm and semen analysis results are negative then next treatment steps are taken. Checking the sperms of infertile males is an attempt to judge their quality, motility and shapes. For these reasons the quality of semen is judged with the help of medical tests. The morphology of sperms indicate how much fertile a male is in terms of their quality and virility. If any man has sufficient number of healthy sperms then this indicates that he is a fertile man. When sperms are tested then their motility is also verified, the more are sperms motile the more are chances to make a woman pregnant with them.

Vitality of semen is essential

Even agglutination plays an essential role while doing sperm tests. It is defined as the number of sperms that stick together and form bunches in the male reproductive system. Even the motility of sperms is checked as it also depicts the quality and power of male sperms. It is very important to check the vitality of sperms. All these factors are taken into consideration while doing sperm analysis and semen tests. Once the results of these tests are cleared then the doctor tells about the treatment steps that are to be taken. If the sperms in a male are less motile then more advanced treatment solutions are provided. On the other hand if the concerned male has a normal sperm count with sufficient motility then a conservative treatment option is chosen for him.

Know the clear reasons of semen analysis and testing

Again when we talk of sperm analysis we see that it is simply the measurement of quantity of sperms in a semen sample. This kind of analysis also tells about the quality and quantity of sperms in the semen of a male. It has been observed that when a couple doesn’t conceive then the female partner is thought to be responsible. Yet even men become the cause of infertility if they do not have sufficient and vital sperms that may give arise to pregnancy. In every three couples it has been seen that the man is infertile due to low sperm count and quality. Some men become infertile due to vasectomy that they may have taken previously for reasons like family planning. Due to such reasons sperm testing and analysis are taken into consideration.

What does semen analysis involve?

When the semen sample of an infertile male is checked then it involves many things like checking the sperm count in infertile males. The time of sperm conversion into a liquid is also checked. If the sperm sample takes much time than normal to get converted to a liquid then the sperms are considered to be more potent, vital and healthy. It has been seen that most sperms get converted into liquid within 20-25 minutes. Another essential step in semen analysis is to check the motility of sperms. It means to know what is the speed of sperms, to approach and unite with the female ova or eggs to form a zygote?

Know more about steps in sperm analysis

When any infertile male goes to an infertility treatment doctor then his sperm morphology is checked. By sperm morphology we mean to know about the quality, shape and size of his sperms. Again the acidity level of male sperms is also checked. This is done with the help of a pH level test. Sperms also have white blood cells that are known as leucocytes. These cells give immunity to the sperms against infections. If the sperm of a man have sufficient white blood cells then we can say that he is a healthy potent male with sufficient fertility.

Precautions that are needed before sperm tests and analysis

The sperms in any male also have fructose that gives energy to them. Fructose is natural sugar that gives sperms the power of being motile. When any man goes to get semen analysis then he has to abstain from sexual activity 2-5 days before getting such kind of test. This will help the doctors to know how much exact number and quality of sperms his semen contains. Such men even have to take some other precautions like not smoking and taking hard drinks before semen tests. This will also help to get clear results about semen tests. If you are suffering from infertility factor then you can also get sperm analysis Arizona. This will help you to know whether your sperms are fertile or infertile.