March 3, 2024

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We have a new magic skin-boosting treatment!

Retens employs many experts who are creative, knowledgeable and curious. They have been trained in aesthetics and can perform stunning subtle, natural and bespoke treatments. A good reason to pay more for treatment with a medical professional than a beautician is that they aren’t using cheap chemicals and fillers online.

They are obsessed with their products. They do extensive research and analysis on the data to find new and better treatments. Non-medicians will often only use one type product for one treatment. Retens’s physicians will likely have many products for each treatment. They will choose the best product for you based on your individual needs.

What is skin booster and how does it work?

Skin boosters has been used as a generic term to describe a wide variety of injectable medicines from different manufacturers. They boost your skin at the most basic level. Injecting active ingredients into the deeper layers allows us to get the nutrients and ingredients in the places that skincare cannot reach. We can also stimulate the skin in different ways.

What does skin boosters contain?

All skin boosters include the same basic ingredient like dermal fillers. While dermal fillers use large chains of high-quality hyaluronic, which are then glued together to make a gel, skin boosters have smaller chains and less glue. This makes them runnier, and more watery. Apply the cream to your skin. The hyaluronic acids ability to attract, hold and retain water will help you super hydrate it. Other ingredients can be added to products, including vitamins and minerals, amino acid, vitamins, and minerals. Some products may contain modified ha molecules, which trick your skin’s repair cells (fibroblasts), into working harder, boosting collagen and elastin production.

Is there anything you should be looking out for?

The hydro deluxe is a new booster from the aesthetic product manufacturer.

Neauvia hydro deluxe is a different product.

The Neauvia hydro booster is a groundbreaking new concept in skin boosters. It contains the necessary hyaluronic to give your skin a glow. Caha has been around for quite some time, and fillers that are entirely made of it radiesse.

Caha stimulates your fibroblasts to produce more collagen, elastin. It’s a safe mineral, naturally occurring in nature.

Radiesse is a gellike dermal filler used to fill moderate-deep lines. However, much of the research done in recent years has focused on modifying it to be a skin boost. Practitioners use the original filler to stimulate collagen synthesis.

This magic sound is what we like. So how does this work?

Neauvia has created an innovative product that has all the benefits you would expect from a traditional skin booster (hyaluronic, amino acids, and collagen boosting action) plus the added benefits of calcium hydroxyapatite. However, the effects are not just additive. Caha is integrated into the hyaluronic during the manufacturing process. This allows for the optimal amount to be available to the body.

The hyaluronic-based treatment provides immediate plumping of the skin and hydration. The amino acids nourish and stimulate collagen, elastin and fibroblast growth. Caha stimulates fibroblast cell growth and neocollagenesis. The skin is hydrated, denser, and elasticated after treatment. These are long-lasting effects.

We take a sample from your blood to make the prp for you and then apply it on your skin. The 冰冰針 is tiny and pushes the prp’s healing properties into the skin’s top layer to enhance the beauty process.