June 21, 2024

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We are a GMP-Certified Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

Vitamins and supplements are critical to helping your clients feel their best, so you want the quality of your product to be top-notch. We are a liquid supplement manufacturer that uses a GMP-certified facility and manufacturing process to ensure that the quality of the supplements we produce, whether they are liquid, capsules, or powder, is the best. 

We manufacture liquid supplements for dietary and personal healthcare companies. We can manufacture any kind of supplement you want to offer. Also, we can put your liquids in many types and sizes of plastic or glass bottles. To make it even easier on you to get your supplements manufactured, we can design a label for you and put it on each bottle we create. 

Contract manufacturing is how we operate, so you get individually-customized products and manufacturing processes to help your company expand without having to pay expensive prices.

We locate the best raw ingredients through the careful and extensive resourcing department. Nothing but the best in ingredients will ever make it into your products. All of your products are manufactured in the United States, which makes it easier for your customers to depend on the quality of the products they purchase. 

Furthermore, we provide short lead times and may packaging options. Our location near the Los Angeles ports means we can ship by sea, road, and air, and rail very easily. You get a tailored approach to the manufacturing of your products that will support your company’s values and goals. We make manufacturing as simple and as efficient as possible. 

As a supplement company, we have been operating in the health industry for nearly 25 years. We understand how important it is to have good health and how critical it is to living life to the fullest. We provide support to like-minded companies who strive to provide their customers with the best products available. Our partners are both large and small companies, and we help them reach their business goals of putting the top healthcare products on the market. 

We make it simple to pass along your savings to your customers with our business model. High premiums for high-quality manufacturing is not something we do, and we are dedicated to offering the best in support and manufacturing for each client. As a GMP-certified liquid supplement manufacturer, we are dedicated to assisting your business in taking your top-of-the-line products to your customers.