June 21, 2024

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Ways to Consume Hemp

When it comes to hemp or cannabis, the default option for consuming it is to smoke it. However, smoking does mean that you have to deal with the awkward way it is delivered into your body. You have to inhale just enough, have a burning throat, and experience other minor inconveniences. Some people can deal with them, and others don’t. If you dislike smoking cannabis and are looking for more comfortable options, here are some of them:


Smoking is the preferred method for consuming hemp because it takes the THC particles directly to your lungs, where it is absorbed quickly by the bloodstream. However, that is not the only way you can get the chemical compounds that give you a high to your lungs. One excellent option is vaporizing.

Though it seems like smoking, the difference is that instead of burning hemp, you are just heating it. Similar to the vape e-cigarettes, hemp vaporizers convert the chemicals into vapor form for quick inhalation. No painful throat or burning sensation. Just the smooth feeling of hemp vapor entering your system. Thanks to the popularity of vaping, there are dozens of cheap vaporizers on the market right now. Most can accept either the original solid form or the concentrated oil forms that are available at any dispensary in Oklahoma and other hemp-legal states.


The key is to direct the cannabis into your bloodstream. For those who take pot for chronic pain, getting the cannabis in the right place is essential. That is why applying cannabis via topical creams and balms is a good idea. Your skin should be able to absorb the lotion, and then you can feel the effects quickly. It won’t give much relief, but it can help you deal with pain.


Ingestion is another solution to getting your dosage of cannabis. However, you can’t eat hemp raw. Your digestive system will filter much of the cannabis out. This is why you need to fool it via infusing it into butter or oil. When cooking baked goods, you can mix in cannabutter; eating some cupcakes will give you the high that you want.

Dispensaries make it easy by selling edibles over-the-counter. No need to cook it anymore because it is already there. Just buy what they have and store it somewhere.

Oral Application

Other ways to apply cannabis orally are oils and tinctures. Ingestible oils are usually packaged like vitamin supplements. Just take a pill or two, and you should feel its effects in minutes. Tinctures are easier. These concentrated oils are applied underneath the tongue, so they are absorbed quickly.


A subset of vaporizing, dabbing involves flash vaporization. It works by having the cannabis oil being vaporized almost instantly by dropping it on a butane torch flame. The result is a powerful, concentrated vapor. This is not recommended for newbies.

Don’t be careless when using hemp. Just smoking a joint is not the fullness of the experience. The options above are excellent choices for those who want to expand their horizons. Whether you’re doing it to relax or to ease chronic pain, alternate ways of consuming cannabis can make it more convenient and acceptable for you.