April 12, 2024

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Transsexual Surgery In Thailand

Do you want to change gender? Thailand is a good destination. At least, this is the message that a group of specialist doctors and some of the country’s trade officials want to get across. It is true that the kingdom benefits from considerable advantages in its quest for the lion’s share of the world market for transsexual surgery. The quality of the workforce first: a dozen Thai surgeons are recognized as being among the best in the much closed world of these plastic surgery experts. In Europe or the United States, the same type of operation would cost two to three times more expensive than in Thailand. It is a way for Thailand to turn its economy around.

¬†Transsexual surgery is only one of the many medical services that the export promotion department wishes to develop: geriatric care, herbal medicine, traditional massages. You should also consider the sex change operation Thailand cost, although Before the financial crisis, private hospitals in Bangkok had been lavishly equipped with bank loans. Since the crash, Thai customers have moved to cheaper public hospitals. The idea is therefore to address foreign customers, to “export” medical know-how. And that is particularly in the transsexual niche that Thailand stands out for its competitiveness. One of Bangkok’s most luxurious private hospitals offers “tour packages” for 5,000 dollars for a sex change operation from the United States, plane ticket and limousine service at the airport.

Some specialized doctors remain reserved, however. Identity disorder is a disease. Ethically, you cannot promote a disease. But most consider that the image of Thai doctors has everything to gain from this policy. “What do you mean by ethics? This medical specialty exists. It is well developed in Thailand. The rest is a personal matter between the patient and the doctor.