June 21, 2024

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The Importance Of Wearing A Face Mask During The COVID-19 Crisis

Governments around the world are recommending people to wear masks & respirators whenever the go out in public. These can provide a high level of protection against COVID-19, while helping to slow down and reverse the spread of the outbreak. Along with physical distancing, frequent hand washing and other preventive measures, the risk of COVID-19 infection should be much lower as a result.

Because a large number of people don’t exhibit symptoms (asymptomatic) or don’t develop symptoms yet (pre-symptomatic), it is crucial for everyone to continue doing preventive measures. Although asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic individuals don’t sneeze or cough, small droplets could still disperse when speaking. When people are talking in close proximity, the risk of infection can be high.

 It is therefore recommended to wear an N95 safety mask, respirator, or a three-layered cloth face mask, preferably with one waterproof layer. Cloth masks can’t stop virus from reaching the nose and mouth of the wearer. However, droplets won’t directly contact the wearer, significantly reducing the risk of infection.

Despite its limited level protection in high risk situations, here are reasons why you should continue wearing a protective face mask:

It’s A Physical Barrier – It’s better to have a physical barrier to protect your nose and mouth against droplets. The most common way for any virus to spread is through sneezing and coughing. Without a face mask, you will receive a full blast of nasal or oral discharge without realising. If someone nearby is sneezing, a protective face mask could significantly reduce your exposure and help to keep you healthy and safe.

You Could Be Asymptomatic Or Pre-Symptomatic – Even if you don’t show any symptoms, your respiratory system may already have COVID-19. In this stage, it’s already possible for you to spread the virus to others.

Get Back Normal Life Faster – When wearing a protective face mask, you can be better protected or protect others against possible coronavirus infection. If everyone takes this measure seriously, we could flatten the curve and we will go back to normal life much faster.

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