December 3, 2023

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The benefits of growing regular seeds

As you are approaching the steps to Buy Wholesale Seeds, you must know the difference between the feminized and regular seeds. Before we move ahead, let us start here with the basics. Similar to the many other species of plants, the cannabis is subject to the stories of flowers and the bees. Here, we can actually skip the bees because the cannabis reproduces by the direct pollination of the male and the female plant by a male one without relying on any kind of insect pollination. The males here produce the pollen, the female use it to grow the seeds to spawn the future generation.

Cannabis is heralding in between this process; it is a dioecious plant that involves two sexes making babies together and it has been so for a very long time. If you are looking forward to grow weed only, you just need the female plant before the stage of pollination. This is because only the lovely females will give you the fluffy buds you would like to chew later. You might think that the males are of no use then, and in most of the cases, it is true.

Although males cannot give you the yield you want, males also play a crucial role in the entire growing process. Without the males, you cannot have the pollen and without the pollen, there would not be any next generation for the next year’s season. Thus, you just cannot show the gate to the male plants and segregate them from their female plants forever. At the same time, cultivating five females plants in front of the one male plant will cause your female plants to pollinate and produce seeds. And if this happens, you will just have to kiss your harvest a goodbye, because the harvest will not grow as good as you want it to. This is why the seasoned growers only want secure their female plants because all they want is the harvest and the yield that last them a year at least.

If this is true, you will start wondering why someone would want to grow regular seeds with the raising tension of pollination. The regular seeds will have an average specimen of 50 males and no body would like to see so many males in their garden.

There is a reason to grow the regular seeds because the male plants do have their usage. The usage go well beyond the natural means of reproduction. The male plant will always give you a chance to cook up your own unique crossbreeds. This is highly interesting for the growers who love to experiment. Also, the regular seeds do not turn into male plants by default. About half of them would be females too.