March 2, 2024

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SEO copywriting: the complete 5-step guide to a successful medical website

Let’s talk about SEO copywriting or that art – but it would be appropriate to say about that weapon – which ultimately allows you to have a genuinely performing health-related site. Let’s clarify immediately. By performing, we mean:

  • that it is well placed in the SERP, that is the first page returned by Google following a search;
  • who transforms the actions of those who visit him into visiting your clinic or hospital.

Suppose the economic performance (point 2) must be studied and implemented above all from digital marketing, financial planning, and social media marketing. In that case, a good ranking in the SERP is mainly possible only if you do good SEO copywriting. After all, these are the two things you need to aim for if you have a site and want to sell something: go out first in Google searches and convince internet users to buy your products. But the second operation is rarely possible if the first is not done correctly. The second step is rarely possible without good SEO copywriting.

How this guide is structured

In this article, we will deal with precisely this, namely how to produce good texts for your website to improve its positioning in search engines. We will do this by proceeding in five steps.

In paragraph 1, we will first try to understand what SEO copywriting is.

Subsequently (paragraphs 2 and 3), we will address the question from a more practical point of view, namely: how to become a good copywriter as a medical worker? And, if you are an employer, how to understand which SEO copywriters to hire?

Finally, in paragraphs 4 and 5, we will go into the real core of this guide, discussing how to write good text in SEO copywriting and the secrets to making it.

1. SEO copywriting: what it is

Let’s start from the beginning. According to Ascent, learn online skills, which deal with copywriting.

“He writes advertising texts for newspapers and other mass media.”

An accurate definition only in part, because if it is true that this figure was born in the twentieth century as a fundamental element for the advertising success of a company, today copywriting has widely extended its range of action.

To put it differently, today, copywriting no longer means just looking for a captivating title (or, given the current times, “click-catcher”) or writing persuasively. It means combining the three souls of Communication Marketing, that is SEO, writing, and communication (we will deal with them in more detail in paragraph 4). In other words, today, the copywriter does not just write but deals with the creation of all-around SEO-optimized content. On several occasions, we have talked about SEO on our site. We also briefly explain here what it is for the sake of transparency. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization ‘Optimization for Search Engines,’ which brutally means ‘writing a text that Google likes, so Google puts it among the most visible.’

This explains the reason why the definition of Ascent shown above is a little out of date. Today, those who want to be a copywriter must write well and do it as Google likes since most of the texts we read are on the internet and the internet is the kingdom of Google.

First of all, it is, therefore, necessary to better understand who this figure is because only the copywriter who knows how to move well in these three areas is a good professional with whom it is worth collaborating. Only a good professional can add value to your site.

2. Who is the SEO copywriter and how to become one

This article is mainly aimed at the employers of a copywriter, but nothing prevents you from advising those who want to enter this world and ended up on this page to understand how to do it.

If you Google “how to become an SEO copywriter,” you will get very mixed results. Some sell you their course, those who assure you that you can learn it in five minutes, those who already do it as a profession and want to tell you his story.

Because? Because there is nothing that officially certifies – I mean from the point of view recognized by the institutions – who or what an SEO copywriter is. SEO copywriter, you are, or you are not, and you can follow different paths to get there.

I can briefly tell you about the writer, who started working in this medical profession in a highly difficult period from an economic point of view and learning to move between unmentionable tasks. Some employers and exploiters (obviously those who have me paid to write this article! ?), and remuneration bordering on the treatment of slavery, gritted his teeth until some cosmic convergence. Perhaps a little skill in doing this work) allowed him to reach a situation of relative economic tranquility/working. To summarize and paraphrase: if you want to be a copywriter, be prepared to suffer, at least initially.

The advice is this: go for it. I firmly believe that every job must always be paid, but I must admit that the ranks in the world of copywriting are fundamental. So, in the beginning, nothing prevents you from starting low-paying collaborations, as long as you take that period as a passing moment of apprenticeship. When you can produce good texts, leave the deadwood behind and aim for healthier collaborations.

How much does a copywriter earn

Hence, the million-dollar question. How much does SEO copywriting earn? It is useless to give an answer that applies to everyone. Still, in my experience, I have identified three stages in which the quality of a text that the copy is able to produce increases in proportion to the payment it can hope to obtain.

  • First stage

The doctor, unlike what he thinks, cannot write and cannot do SEO. In this phase, you learn how to do it and earn little: from 0 to 0.5 euro cents per word (you read that right: half a cent). In this case, a text of about 600 words (a Word page) will pay you €3. Let’s face it, they are slavery quotas, and I condemn them with all of myself. Still, they are the prices that most employers make, so they are acceptable for the initial phase of a copywriter’s career, the one that you will presumably leave after a couple of months to move on to the next.

If you come across an ugly and poorly written site, it was probably written by a lousy copywriter and paid little.

  • Second phase

If you still have not abandoned your dream after the treatment of the first phase, you have probably also learned to do a little SEO, so you can start asking for a little more. In this phase, you will earn from 0.8 to 2 cents of € per word, so a text about one Word page long will pay you from 4.8 to 12 €. Let’s start thinking. In the sense that if you take an hour to write (well) 600 words and earn about € 10, you are not very far from that minimum and decent hourly income to which everyone would be entitled. Many copywriters I know stop there, either because they don’t understand or because they don’t want to, or because they can’t improve themselves.

This is the limbo in which average copy lies, who works for average sites, who make average texts and therefore get average results.

  • Third phase

It’s where good copywriters, enlightened employers and successful projects meet. At this stage, there is no limit to the cost to be attributed to the copy figure because he or she, with the things he writes, makes the site he works for fly. At least 4 cents per word is the price to be given to the performance of a good copywriter. You will be paid at least € 20-25 for our Word page, and if you are good you will be able to write it in less than an hour. The rest of the accounts can be done by yourself.

But how to get to the much sought-after third phase, the one that makes those who write, those who pay and those who sail, happy? It is necessary to know how to fully grasp the three souls of SEO copywriting, of which we speak in paragraph 4. First, however, let’s try to understand how those who want to use the performance of a good SEO copy should behave to avoid taking bad scams. And to give it, of course.

3. For webmasters and employers: how to find a good copywriter

We will treat this paragraph from two points of view, the first is that of copywriters, the second is that of employers. Both categories can harm the other if you don’t pay close attention.

Many copywriters are not copywriters

Many copywriters are not copywriters, even if they think they are. It is the bitter truth. Therefore, finding a good one will not be a short or easy task, especially since practically every candidate claims to do SEO when it is not valid in practice. If you are an employer, you can test their skill and honesty by proposing a test text (paid, I recommend!). Before starting the actual collaboration and verify its caliber using the simple trick that we will see in paragraph 5, It will probably be a small investment that will initially be a loss. If you test 10 copies, you will pay for at least one text, but you will only choose a couple in the end. In this way, however, the investment will be successful in the medium and long term because you will have found excellent collaborators who will not waste your time or money in the future.

If you want someone to share your vision, pay them.

On the other hand, not even from the employers’ point of view, they are all roses. Someone still has the nerve to look for personnel able to write well but for free, using low pseudo-motivational means such as “growing together,” “cultivating the dream,” “guaranteed salary depending on the number of clicks.” If you fall into the category, you have to accept that you have poor texts. Let me tell you honestly: if you fall into the class, you deserve bad lyrics. Because no one works well for free, and if we are, to be honest, no one should be put in a position to devote part of his time just because you believe in a dream.

You will say to me: «I just propose. They are free to accept or refuse». But in this way, you put a worker in the uncomfortable position of having to compromise that does not suit him. He will work without having a natural stimulus and without enjoying a real return. In other words, he will perform poorly, also contributing to further lowering the already mediocre standards of the entire category.

Unwritten law is this: Good copywriters always end up working with capable employers. There are situations in which one of the two categories exploits the other, but they are almost always temporary situations; sooner or later, quality ends up meeting other quality.

No, your nephew couldn’t do it too

One of the most challenging clichés to die for about the copywriter’s work is the one that also concerns many other categories that operate to varying degrees in the world of technologies, such as graphic designers, photographers, and web admins (to name just three examples). How many times have you thought or heard: “my nephew can also do this for free.” Wanting to see it like this, our grandchildren could also perform an appendectomy. It would be enough to tell them where to cut, what to remove, and how to mend. But would you feel safe to have your nephew removed your appendix, as long as you do it for free?

The truth is that removing the appendix is ​​a simple operation only for those who know to perform it. And this is as true for doctors as it is for graphic designers, photographers, webmasters and – of course – copywriters. If you choose the right solutions in any professional setting, you also accept that the results can be disastrous.

Don’t forget this cornerstone. It will affect the vitality of your site, therefore your brand, your image, and your earnings.

4. The three secrets of SEO copywriting

And let’s get to the heart of the matter: how to make excellent text in SEO copywriting?

The good copywriter must first be a good writer, a fine connoisseur of the English language, and a careful communicator. These are the three secrets of good SEO copywriting, which we will briefly analyze below.

4.1. Writing

“One day, I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

There is no doubt that the only way to convey a message clearly and persuasively is to put it properly in black and white. And this, for those who manage a website or a company, can be a problem. Many figures believe they have the sacred fire of writing, but then in practice, one realizes that it was only a faint flame. The communicative writing of today is no longer the bombastic and didactic one of the past; today, whoever writes for companies must do so clearly, directly, and without frills, immediately reaching the point without pretending to write the piece of the century every time. Because, by definition, you write the work of the century well that it goes once every hundred years.

Instead, the copywriter must always be incisive; he must know how to work with contemporaneity while considering history.

4.2. The tongue

“The limits of my language lie within the limits of my words.”

This is a very sore point, perhaps the most painful of the three. Many think they can write without having the necessary skills. Many think they know English well without realizing that this is not the case. Why be careful: speaking (even well) a language is not always synonymous with learning how to use it correctly, even in writing. Where an apostrophe goes, you cannot put an accent. A particular word does not have the same weight as its synonym. Stylistic elegance is essential to give depth and depth to a text. Why let’s face it: if a reader is hard to read or ugly to look at, how can the product you sell be better?

While on the one hand, you shouldn’t have the arrogance to say, “I know how to write,” on the other hand, you don’t need to have a degree in literature, linguistics, or style to learn how to do it. There are exemplary texts that can teach a lot to those who want to make writing their job. Just have the humility to leaf through them. One of these is undoubtedly Umberto Eco’s How to do a degree thesis. Don’t be fooled by the title. Of course, it is a volume designed for those who have to write an idea, and to this must be added that it was written when the internet did not yet exist. But it reads that it is a pleasure, and above all, it helps you to understand better the mindset you have to enter before approaching a written production by providing numerous practical suggestions on how to behave from an exquisitely technical and stylistic point of view.

In my opinion, a necessary volume for those who are aware of having some gaps, fundamental for those who claim not to have any.

4.3. The communication

“Don’t use the word infinitely when you mean a lot; otherwise, you will have no more words when you have to talk about something infinite.”

At this point, it will be apparent that a good copywriter must be, above all, an SEO copywriter. What does it mean? Exactly what we were talking about at the beginning of the article, a professional able to write according to the rules of the current market. Learning to do SEO at even basic but effective levels is within everyone’s reach, and above all, it is possible to do it for free by raving a bit online. If you want to become an SEO copywriter, you have a sea of ​​accessible resources to do it; so if you can’t, it’s your fault. This does not mean that “anyone can do SEO.” Otherwise, we would be trivializing.

But it does mean that anyone has the opportunity to approach the discipline, and if he doesn’t, he can’t expect to be competitive in the very tight copy market. Short sentences, simple words, coherent exposure: these are just some characteristics that those who create web content must master with confidence. Otherwise, he got the wrong job.

«Okay,» you will say to me, «but how can I understand if a text is excellent from an SEO point of view if I still don’t have the skills to do it?». At least initially, you can resort to the trick of relying on tools designed specifically for this. We talk about it in more detail in the next paragraph.

5. The perfect SEO copywriting article

So here are some tips on how a good text in SEO copywriting should be done. It is advice that can be exploited both by the copywriter who wants to keep his job—also done by the employer who wants to verify the competence of his collaborators.

First of all, let’s get a WordPress site – which can also be activated for free – that has the Yoast plugin (there are also alternative solutions to Yoast, better or worse; we chose this simply because it is the best known and most used). The plugin should already be integrated into WordPress. Otherwise, you can activate it from here. What is Yoast for?


Long story short, Yoast tells you if an article is well written in terms of SEO optimization and readability, and it does so by assigning a colored ball depending on whether specific writing and optimization parameters are met or not. Red ball: wrong. Yellow ball: so-so. Green ball: good. There is a lot to say about the specific weight of each of these factors, but in order not to go too far, we will say that a text is to be considered good when all the balls are green. It is not always easy to get all green balls, but let’s say that the more you get, the better the article will be, and Google happy.