March 3, 2024

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Present A Letter To Waive Off The Penalty Charges

There are certain guidelines to be followed for writing some of the issues that is faced by the penalty payer.

Submit a Note of Cancellation from Penalties:

Users must include the same or more level of detail with whatever factual support they possess. Furthermore, try to ensure that they save a duplicate of almost each of these documentations and report the incident by certified post with a confirmation. Times, locations, involved parties, expenditures spent, locations, and so forth should all be listed. 

  • But don’t go overboard with their claims. 
  • People should also avoid being upset. 
  • The person to whom they are addressing is just interested in the truth, not sentiments. 

Explain Exact Issue:

Here is the penalty waiver request letter sample:

Name, Residence, and Phone Number


Greetings, creditor:

I’m writing this letter to ask that individuals waive the amounts penalties on card details total amount. Yes, I was a few years early with my payment, but there were mitigating factors.

I had also made better monthly mortgage repayments on this loan for a period of time. My schedule also is labelled with the deadline, which I remember by name.

Unfortunately, I experienced great difficulty on and around the least recently deadline owing to a disaster throughout the family/other circumstance. Since you can expect, my objectives switched almost immediately. It’s not the matter being handled when I looked at my unpaid payments as well as other obligations and noticed that creditors were also one of them.

At a certain time, I instantly began repayments, although it was far too overdue to escape being charged a cancellation fee. I’m additionally afraid that my loan amount may rise as a result of this, or that your excellent credit might suffer as a result.

In view of these rare, one-time conditions, kindly understand cancelling the cost. I’d like to keep my excellent status with your firm/agency.

With gratitude,

Name of the writer