March 3, 2024

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Popular hybrid strains of weed in the market

Weed and its types

The Cannabis plants are there in several numbers around the world, and weed is the flowering parts of these plants. Taking weed will give various effects like mental alterations, relaxation, depression and anxiety relief, and many other health benefits. If you take weed rich in THC content, you will get high with mood alterations. Weed full of CBD will find a need in medical product manufacturing. Weed is not legal in all the countries out there. The production and cultivation of weed are also limited to some regions of the world only. Mountainous regions of Afghanistan cultivate shorter plants known as Cannabis Indica from which the THC-rich weed is prepared. Likewise, Mexico and South Africa produce Cannabis Sativa, a taller plant that provides CBD-rich flowering parts. So, medicinal products will contain parts from the Sativa plants, while recreational weed will come from Indica and Sativa plants. You should know your body’s needs and capacity to choose a weed with particular THC levels. Based on the levels of THC and CBD content, weed products differ as THC-rich, CBD-rich, and Balanced products. You can buy weed online easily from several legal websites out there in the states where weed usage is legal. However, some regions around the world have restrictions on it. Apart from the above Indica and Sativa plants, there is another type of weed that is a combination of their properties. They are known as hybrid plants. In this article, let us discuss some of the popular types of hybrid strains of weed in brief. 

Popular Hybrid strains of weed

Each weed product will be different from various constituents. It is impossible to have all the components of Cannabis plants in weed. So, based on the present constituents, weed is of many hybrid types. Some producers will use different chemicals for fragrance and flavor. Let us discuss three of the most popular hybrid strains in the market. 

Gorilla Glue – It is mainly taken for relieving from depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues like migraines. So, people will get high during intake. As it is THC-rich, it will take less time to react. It will have an odor of Coffee and will leave a sour taste in your mouth after consumption.

Chemdawg – It will provide body and mental relaxation. But you may get some side effects like cottonmouth. It will have a diesel-like fragrance, and Curing will release smoke from it. THC content is high and will get you high quickly. People taking this weed claim that they are becoming highly aware of their surroundings and highly focused. 

Blue dream – It has got the name as a dream since its origin is known to no one. It is highly beneficial because of the high CBD content that is useful in medicine. You can get focus and motivation to do things effectively. People looking to concentrate on a specific task will try out this weed. There are claims about the increase in creativity after the intake.