June 21, 2024

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No Time For Medical Treatment: Try After Hour GP Clinic 

In the present scenario, every person is running with a very hectic and busy schedule. They don’t even sometimes have time to care for their health. Some people fall ill during work but due to lack of time, thinking they will improve, make their condition all the more worse overtime. For them, an after-hour GP (General Practitioner) clinic can be considered as the perfect solution where balancing work and health becomes easy with no disruption to either of them. After-hours GP clinic offer the facility to schedule medical appointment at a time which is after the working hours of the patient. Offering a solution of medical services under one roof, after-hours GP clinic provide treatments for:

  • Minor cuts
  • Skin infections
  • Sprains/strains
  • Infections (urine, respiratory, etc.)
  • Conditions of ear, nose, throat
  • Emergency contraception
  • After hours access to Radiology and Pathology
  • Removal of splinters
  • Any other general issue

With a team of dedicated and experienced general practitioners, diagnosis and treatments can be done after-hours. These services also cover:

  • Reviewing existing treatment
  • Sharing test results
  • Requesting additional treatment
  • Discussing health issues

After-hour GP clinic offers services to all age groups. Flexible appointment facility is available so that patient can book the appointment keeping his available time into first priority. They aim at providing client satisfaction by offering safe, high quality and timely care as per convenience of patients. Previous medical history and health status is also probed in depth before applying any treatment.

In short, after-hours GP clinic serves medical attention for clients with non-emergency situations but who need immediate medical treatment and are not willing or are unable to wait for a general practitioner during their working hours, so that their routine of work does not get disturbed.