March 3, 2024

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Let us demystify the Myths about Marijuana Consumption

There are more people usingmarijuana recreationally now than at any other time. The main reason for the upsurge in cannabis consumers is the continuous legalization of the plant’sproduct use. However, there is still stigmatization to cannabis users from individuals who do not understand the industry and its impact on society. They are the same individuals that oppose the move by various States to legalize recreational marijuana. On the contrary, this read will demystify the most popular myths about marijuana consumption and the effect of governments to permitits consumption within their borders.

Let us Demystify the Common Myths

Marijuana Consumption promotes indulgence

Bloggers and analysts opposing the plant’s legalization will say that cannabis consumption canlead to indulgence in other illicit substances. Although the punditsmay give statistics about the number of individuals who use other drugs after starting with cannabis, they cannot provide verifiable data about their claims. On the contrary, the products at star buds dispensaries in Commerce City, Colorado, do not promote indulgence in clients. For most consumers, it is a way ofspending their free time. It helps them avoid other more harmful products like tobacco or alcohol.

Cannabis use causes Violent and Criminal activities

Researchers show that cannabis consumption can cause psychosis, but other individuals will tag every violent activity to the phenomenon. But, psychosis can manifest itself from other factors, and someone suffering from the condition is not necessarily a user. Therefore, the claims are unfounded and only gears at opposing the legalization. However, looking at the people buying at dispensaries near Commerce City, there is no linkage to criminal activities. On the contrary, most of the consumers are law-abiding citizens who have no criminal or violent behavior. The use of cannabis makes a consumer relax and not violent, as the naysayer claim.

The High Potent Plants are Dangerous

Unlike the past, modern cannabis products will have a high potency in the THC and CBD compounds. It is a good thing as a consumer will take less of the product to achieve their desired effect. The phenomenon leads some individuals to claim that modern products are more dangerous due t their high potency. It is not true because recreational dispensaries cannot exceed the required standards by interbreeding various species of cannabis plants.Also, the process follows the proper standards, and cultivators are developing organic products to decrease any hazards.  Furthermore, the growers use data from intensive research whengrowing high potent marijuana plants. So, modern cannabis products are much safer than previous ones due to the standardization of the industry.

Strains differ in their Effects

It is common to find hundreds of cannabis strains in a dispensary. The way the vendors will label their products will not impact the overall effect on a user. On the contrary, strains come from the same family of cannabis plants, and they will be much similar than you would think.


Probably, you have heard different myths about marijuana, but it is beneficial to research it. There is valuable information from the internet to help.