June 21, 2024

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If you are not a fussy eater, then you have the chance to save a mass of cash when you go food shopping. There are several levels of saving ability when you purchase discount food. Some people can cook, and it is these people that can save the most money, but some people are too busy or just can’t cook. For this second group, you may not reduce your grocery costs as much as the first mentioned group, yet you can still save heaps of cash by bargain hunting.

One of the best ways to save cash is by eating seasonal foods which you can learn by taking a cooking team building course. In the summer fruit is generally cheaper than in the winter. There are also deals on different types of meat according the country the meat may have come from. 

For those living close to their local supermarket or grocery store, you may be able to pop in during the later hours when food is about to pass its sell by date and has its price reduced for clearance purposes. Sandwich, fish, meat, vegetable and dairy sections are the best places to hunt for these bargain discounts. The only disadvantage is when you target end of shelf life foods, you generally can’t stock up.

However, some foods are reduced even one day before the sell by date has passed. Due to safety standards and legal regulations many of these sells by dates are set by the supermarket at a date earlier than when the food will actual become inedible in order to avoid a possible legal claim. 

By doing your research on foods that are suitable for freezing, you may be able to purchase these products and freeze them if you are someone that prefers stock piling food. In addition, you can check to see if there is a sell by date and a separate use by date that could give you a two or three day leeway from the day you purchase the product.

Another good trick is look out for a butchers shop where there are usually daily deals. Food here is said to better than a supermarket. You’ll be able to pick up quality meat at a fraction of the price you would pay for frozen food at the super market and it tastes better. 

You could also choose a supermarket that you visit regularly and join up to their loyalty scheme. You’ll be able to take advantage of a host of deals that non-members are not able to pick up at the same price. 

There are so many bargain opportunities on food where you can save yourself a considerable amount cash. Learning to cook means you will be able to save even more money plus open up more discount options for you to take advantage of.