December 3, 2023

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Is Raw Food the Answer to Allergies?

If you suffer from food allergies, you know just how difficult it is to shop at the supermarket or dine out without checking dozens of ingredients before attempting to eat. Feeling limited is a big reason why many food allergy sufferers find it is easier to switch to new diet plans such as raw food diets, a favourite among vegetarians and vegans.

What is raw food, and is it a safe diet option for persons sensitive to food allergens? Raw food is described as the practice of eating unprocessed, uncooked or cooked foods (below boiling point). Organic consumption forms a large percentage of this diet and its nutritive and healing properties are claimed beneficial to persons with allergies because of its immune boosting function.

The question of safety in eating raw foods for persons with food sensitivities is relative, depending largely on the individual’s unique response to it. Advocates for this type of meal plan are numerous and are backed by scientific studies which bear evidence to its role in general health promotion.

Essentially, a lifestyle that consists mostly of natural organic whole foods is endorsed as the healthiest option to any other diet. The challenge is really how to stick with this wholesome plan. But for persons with allergic reactions this might be the answer; it is a diet that works well with the immune system.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the US, a food allergy is defined as an “adverse immune response” on consumption of a given food. An estimated 12 million people suffer from reactions to food in the US alone.