May 30, 2023

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Highlights On Breast Cancer

Breast cancer ranks first among oncological diseases in women.some are as a result of a Korat breast enlargement (เสริม หน้าอก โคราช which is the term in Thai) However, with timely diagnosis and competent therapy, the effectiveness of treatment is 90%. This applies to countries leading in this direction. In europe, this figure is lower. But the reason is not in poor treatment, but in the fact that tumors are more often detected at a late stage. Early diagnosis radically improves the results of therapy. This is the key to effective treatment. In this article, we shall take a brief review of breast cancer and its effects on women.

Women and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer treatment is almost always combined; its main component is surgery. Organ-preserving operations are not yet widespread in many countries; moreover, they are not applicable in all cases. Therefore, most women receive a radical mastectomy – removal of the mammary gland. In this case, simultaneous reconstruction can be performed. Unfortunately, simultaneous restoration of the mammary gland is also not always possible, both for medical reasons and organizational. Thus, a huge army of women who defeated a big problem immediately face another, smaller, but lower quality of life saved. In this case, young women and women with large breast sizes are especially affected, for whom it is not always possible to hide the asymmetry that has arisen even in clothes. Then plastic surgeons come to the rescue. Like engineering battalions, they enter a city liberated from the enemy in order to quickly erase the marks of hostilities from its streets and give rise to a peaceful life.

When we talk about thousands of patients, numbers and percentages, we sometimes forget that for each such unit there is a specific person, the same as you and me. Efficient breast surgery can be done by surgeons and experts in plastic surgery and nose surgery in korat(เสริม จมูก โคราช which is the term in Thai)