March 3, 2024

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Hair Treatment benefits for New York City

Do you have dry hair ends? Without a doubt: your hair lacks moisture. It must be remembered that hair does not become dry over its entire length, so you need to be especially careful in caring for the middle part of the strands and tips.

The constant stress of NYC life and the pollution of the environment, as well as unhealthy diet can cause changes in the condition of the hair, but all this will not make the strands dry. Only a direct impact on the hair, such as dyeing, can lead to dry strands. Regular coloring negatively affects the general condition of the hair and contributes to the deterioration of their appearance.

Do you often do styling and use the hair straightener? You need to protect your hair! Of course, this does not mean at all that you cannot use a hair straightener, but before that use a thermal protective agent to protect the strands. Do not forget that only dry strands can be straightened with an ironing device.

If you have dry hair, it is very important to use care products specifically for this type of hair. Your hair needs extra nutrition, so use hair moisturizers. If your hair is too damaged, then you better cut the ends of your hair, and only then begin the treatment of the strands.

Avoid using shampoos that contain silicone, because they will not be able to restore your hair. You are much more suited special shampoos designed for dry strands.

Besides the right choice of care products for dry hair, you should also remember some habits that you have to give up if you have dry hair. Do not tighten the hair tightly, especially using a hair tie, so as not to damage it. Be careful and take care of your hair!


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