May 28, 2023

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Guide to a better oral hygiene

Most of you might be familiar with the term oral hygiene, for those who aren’t familiar with it; oral hygiene is a healthy practice of maintaining dental cleanliness in order to prevent health issues.

Many of you might think that oral hygiene isn’t of much importance, but the truth is that majority of our intakes are viaour mouth whether its drinking anything or eating and a lot of times breathing as well. Hence, if your oral hygiene isn’t good everything you do will carry bacteria to your inner body. This could lead to a variety of diseases as well.

Here are some oral hygiene tips by the dentist that you should follow in your daily routine.

  • Regularly brush your teeth atleast twiceand use tongue cleaner

Majority of people brush their teeth in the morning only, but experts suggest that you should brush atleast twice. As after you brush in the morning, you eat, drink, breath and what not, your mouth gathers a lot of bacteria by the night which can lead to tooth decay. Hence, it is advised that you should brush before going to bed to ensure optimum hygiene.

You should also use tongue cleaner regularly as germs might start growing on your tongue which can cause tastelessness and bad odor.

  • Use floss and mouthwash

Sometimes things get stuck in your teeth, and if not removed on time they might lead to decay and other oral problems. For avoiding such conditions, you should floss your teeth well and also use a prescribed anti-bacterial mouthwash. Floss is very thin and hence can reach small areas where a toothbrush can’t.

  • Use fluoride based toothpaste and avoid a lot of sugar

Fluoride helps in strengthening the enamelof our teeth. This helps in avoiding tooth decay. You should also avoid eating a lot of sugar as when it mixes with your saliva, it forms an enamel corroding substance which is of course problematic. For better dental health you can refer to Olympic View Dental.