October 1, 2023

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Finding the Right Cardio in Portland

Cardio is an essential part of a growing number of people’s routines. In the area of cardio, Portland certainly has an overwhelming variety of options to choose from. So many in fact that it can be quite a challenge to find the right one. There are Portland cardio classes for any lifestyle. The correct one can be found by considering a few simple factors beforehand.

  1. Intensity level

Some types of cardio are quite extreme and not for everyone. Take Crossfit, for example. This popular form of cardio has an impressive list of benefits that include endurance, flexibility, balance and more. Because of its fast-paced style of lifting heavy, it may not be suited for beginners or those who have a multitude of limitations or injuries. On the other end of the spectrum is Extend. Extend is geared more toward those who have a variety of limitations or are older. Figuring out an intensity level is a logical place to start when considering cardio. Formula 3 in Portland offers the benefits of strength training, cardio, and flexibility.

  1. Schedule

Next, its crucial to figure out a time that works best in order to be as consistent as possible (consistency is the only way in which benefits from cardio can be reaped). Perhaps an early morning class is more ideal if starting work in the later morning. Some people schedule around when they have the highest energy levels. There is no right time. The best time is the time that is achievable in order to go as often as possible. Formula 3 offers both AM and PM classes for nearly any schedule.

  1. Distance

Another factor that plays into whether or not consistency is achieved is the distance it takes to get to the cardio. Ideally, it is more logical to find something that’s no more than 15 minutes away. Alternatively, find something that’s on the way to work. This eliminates the habit of creating excuses to not do cardio. If it is walking or riding distance from home, even better. Burn calories on the way to burn more calories!

  1. Cost

A decent burn shouldn’t burn up too much money. Knowing what to budget for exercise is important. Thankfully, because fitness facilities in Portland have plenty of competition it shouldn’t be too tricky to find one that fits any budget. Many facilities now offer unlimited classes with one monthly fee. Certain insurance companies either pay all or a percentage of fitness costs.

  1. Class size

Lastly, take into account what a comfortable class size would be. Some people get nervous and feel uncomfortable with enormous class sizes. Others enjoy more quaint classes (around 10 people or so) because they find it easier to make friends. Larger classes equate to feeling less pressure to maintain perfection. Ask one of the people working at the fitness center if its possible to view a couple of classes before making the commitment. This way there are no surprises at the first class.

Portland cardio classes are growing in number rapidly. While finding one that works can seem daunting it doesn’t have to be. Narrow down options by asking the above questions. What works best is what can be done most frequently. Searching for the right cardio takes time. Do plenty of research and ask around. Take advantage of trials that are available at certain fitness centers. And if nothing else, take a run or a walk on one of the many beautiful trails that Portland has to offer.