March 3, 2024

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Boxing 101 For Beginners: Prepping for the Injury-Prone Sport

Every person needs a sport. Physical activities need to constant in your life as it is part of the health routine necessary to maintain fitness, improve the immune system, and create body balance. The physical aspects are not the only areas that will benefit from a sport. Your mentality will enhance as you try to improve your skills and experience.   Participating in a match can also help you socially, especially when you play with your friends or befriend people who have the same passion for the sport you pick. Basketball, soccer, and football are friendly physical activities that can help you interact with many people, but that might not be your thing. If you are looking to take on a sport that does not require social interaction that much, then boxing might be the one for you.   However, you will find that it can be a brutal sport for beginners. If you want to pursue boxing, here are some important things you need to remember:

Build for Stamina Instead of Strength

Most beginners misunderstand the essence of boxing. While it’s true that you will be throwing fists with your opponent, you will have to ensure that endurance, durability, and cardio are also part of your skillset. You might be packing heat with a punch or a jab, but you might end up tiring out after every minute.

Strategic and experienced boxers will take note of your breathing and your resilience over your strength. If they notice that you tire out quickly, your opponent will wait for the perfect opportunity to knock you out. It will not be a good experience as a first-timer, discouraging you from participating in the sport again. If you want to last longer and get more rounds in a sparring match, you will have to focus on building stamina.

Take morning jogging seriously, adding a few sprints. Perform repetitive exercises such as jumping jacks and high knees to work out your cardio. Strength is much easier to build, making stamina your top priority for the sport.

Don’t Get Cocky, Wear Safety Gear Firsts.

You will be practicing round the clock to ensure that you can advance to sparring matches when taking on boxing as a sport. Your body and mind might be in the right place, giving you enough confidence going into your first action. However, you will find it necessary to wear protective gear at all times. Professional athletes are risking their lives all the time, but they have the best medical practitioners and coaches to ensure that they can survive a beatdown. Common boxing injuries include sprains, bruises, wounds, and bumps.

However, more fatal conditions like internal bleeding, concussions, dislocated bones, torn muscles, and death could happen. If you want to avoid any extreme damages, you will have to wear your safety equipment. Headgears, hand wraps, boxing gloves, body cases, shin guards, and groin protectors need to be present if you are only a beginner.

Lip busts can be annoying, making it essential to get a high-quality mouth guard for sports. The safety gear might make you feel like a beginner, making you think it’s okay to dispose of them ahead of a sparring match. However, the injury-prone sport might put your life in danger if you decide not to put them on.

Get a Professional Trainer

You will be looking to improve as much as you can when buying boxing tools and equipment. Workouts at home can be fun, but it does not mean that you are improving. You might end up getting knocked out during your first fight if you don’t know how to measure if you are ready to take on the sport or not. Fortunately, you can seek guidance from a professional trainer.

Go into several classes with the experienced mentor to help identify your development, strengths, and weaknesses. The trainer will be the one to determine if you are ready to take things to the next level in the sport. It might take a while, but you will be thankful that your mentor prepared you enough to enter a sparring match.

Prepare for Body Soreness

Boxing, like every other sport, is good for the physical and mental aspects. It might even make you feel satisfied with your progress in life. However, the sport usually comes with a lot of soreness after a training session or a sparring match. Boxing is not all about giving out punches. It also involves taking a lot of hits that you will feel the following day. If you want to avoid feeling bedridden, you will have to stretch after every session or match. An ice pack or heating pad for your bruises can also help alleviate pain.

Beginners might encounter a rough time during the early stages of learning boxing. However, the progress can feel fulfilling enough to make it your preferred sport.

Meta title: Boxing for Beginners: 4 Boxing Safety Tips to Remember
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