June 21, 2024

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Best plant-based sources of proteins available

You can easily fulfil your protein requirement from the best plant-based proteins available. Most people have this misconception that protein is only found in a chicken breast or a hunk of steak. Though it makes sense that meat is the best source of protein, it is not the only source. You can easily get the required amount of protein by from plant-based products as well. You don’t have to eat meat, poultry, or beef.  

Explore this list of plant based-proteins. Go through the list and incorporate some options in your daily diet and diversify your protein options.  

Lentils serve 9 gms of proteins per cup 

Full protein packages are offered by lentils. Not only proteins they are also rich in fibers, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, etc. They can easily provide humans with 9gms of protein per serving. They are also rich in polyphenol antioxidants that have several properties such as anti-obesity, anticancer, anti-diabetes, etc. Have a veggie-packed soup with lentils in it or make yourself a lentil and veggie burger.  

Hemp Seeds provide 10 gms of protein 

These small seeds are an excellent source of protein and contain 9 different types of amino acids that are essential for us. Incorporate 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds in your diet and obtain 10gms of protein daily. You can choose to sprinkle them on salads, yoghurt, soups, or can also top your toast with hemp seeds. They do have a nutty flavour and will add a twist of nutty taste in your toasts and salads. With a nice crunch, they provide essential proteins.  

Chickpeas will deliver 7 gms protein 

Legumes are rich in proteins and other nutrients as well. They include fiberfibre, iron, phosphorus, healthy fatty acids, etc. Only a half-cup serving of chickpeas will provide you with 7gms of proteins. You can roast them to prepare a crisp snack or get your hummus ready with the help of chickpeas. They can also be served as dips.  

Nuts offer 5-6 gms of protein 

Nuts can be of any kind; they are proven to be a good source of protein. Only a small handful of nuts will provide our body with 5-6 gms of essential proteins. Almonds are the richest source of protein per serving and pistachios tops the list in the second position. So, mix both of them and your cup full of protein is ready to munch on. They are good sources of unsaturated fats that are healthy for our heart and effectively help to lower bad cholesterol levels. Add a variety of nuts available in your diet and change the options daily.  

Black Beans deliver 10 gms protein 

Choose black beans to pick while shopping at the grocery. Black beans, cranberry beans, kidney beans, etc are some of the available options. There are more than 20 varieties of beans available and all of them are proven to be a great source of protein. They act as nutritional powerhouses by being rich in fiberfibre, folate, magnesium, iron, etc. A cup full of beans will provide wholesomely 10gms of protein.  

Take the best plant-based proteins and improve your muscle health.