June 21, 2024

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Beauty Salons In Cambridgeshire

The boom in beauty treatments for men and women has soared in recent years and is now a multi-million pound industry in the UK. Because of that you will have no problem finding a beauty salon in Cambridgeshire to suit your needs.

If it’s a quick wax you are looking for a complete spa treatment you should be able to find it somewhere. There are lots of small boutiques that have sprung up offering treatments such as tanning, facials and waxing. The majority of these tend to be around the major city centres of Cambridge, Peterborough, and Huntingdon although you will find places like Ely and Newmarket also have a couple.

As well as the services above you will also find a number of walk in Nail bar’s where you can go and get a quick treatment from around £10 (EUR14). Some of these bars also offer tanning and waxing but tend not to offer the higher end spa treatments.

If you are looking for a beauty salon in Cambridgeshire with full on Spa treatment the best place to start is probably the major hotels. Most of the 5 star hotels on the city outskirts offer spa treatments, usually combined in a package with access to the pool and/or Jacuzzi.

The Glassworks in Cambridge is a new Health Club that offers a weekend spa package covering everything from Indian head massage to reflexology. They also offer tanning solutions and personal training as part of the health club.