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Are e-cigarette the best alternative to smoking?

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E-cigarettes gained popularity throughout the years. The younger generation currently prefers them. In 2014, the e-cigarette business sought around $7 billion in sales. Cigarette sale online have grown over the years. Electronic cigarettes are an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes. It’s safer to use because it allows you to control how much nicotine you want to consume. E-cigarettes are also a great option if you’re going to quit smoking. It can be more appealing than nicotine patches or gum.


The Power of the E-Cig


E-cigarettes function by heating liquid to produce vapor that can then be inhaled. Most of the e-cigarette comprises three main components: a rechargeable battery, a vaporizing chamber, and a cartridge containing the liquid. The atomizer heats the liquid at a low temperature to turn it into vapor.


Mad Amount of Flavors


Flavors are one of the things that make e-cigarettes so appealing. E-cigs have a variety of flavors. You can also mix a bunch of flavors to create a unique personalized one. Some flavors might be unfamiliar to you. Either way, flavors suit every taste. A lot of e-smokers find that appealing flavors help ease the process of quitting smoking. Flavors make smoking more pleasurable.


Stylish Pursuits


E-cigs have different styles that suit every personality. There is an assortment of styles to choose from. Some e-cigs look like traditional cigarettes, while some come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. E-cigs are sleek and stylish but also discreet. Its stealthy design makes it easier to store. You can enjoy your e-cig in broad daylight too. The third generation e-cigs come in modular forms wherein the e-liquid tanks are refillable, and the mods are customizable.


Health Helper


E-cigs do not contain bad stuff like tar and carbon monoxide. These toxins cause a lot of harm and don’t burn anything as traditional cigarettes would burn. It means that harmful chemicals don’t affect your smoking experience. Emissions from the e-cigarette are water-based vapor. The flavor added is what makes it smell good.


Another thing that undermines the cigarette is cleanliness. Cigarettes emit smoke that lingers in your mouth, clothes, furniture, and even the walls. It can stain a lot of those things as well. Because of the minimal health impact of e-cigs on you and bystanders, it’s becoming more acceptable to use in non-smoking areas. It’s very convenient and advantageous when you don’t have to step outside for a smoke.


 E-cigarettes also allow you to control how much nicotine you consume.


Save your Coin


Another reason why e-cigarettes are better than cigarettes is that it’s cost-effective. A pack of cigarettes costs about $7. The prices may vary from state to state. A pack-a-day smoker costs roughly around $2,500 a year. If you Imagine purchasing an e-cigarette from Ovale USA, it will cost you less and suit every budget. It makes the cigarette sale online even more appealing.


Still Not Convinced?


A study was made in 2006 by Dr. Bailey, and wherein heavy smokers were observed when they switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes for 28 days. 31 individuals showed drastic changes in psychometric parameters. They also found a reduction in toxicity. Nicotine exposure was reduced significantly. It also included a reduction of cigarette biomarkers that induced harm when switching to e-cigs. Dr. Bailey mentioned that electronic cigarettes induce beneficial changes in different psychometric health measures and smoke cravings. It is also seen as an effective way to stop smoking.


In 2014, the University of Southern California conducted a study on e-cigarettes. They found that the levels of cancer-causing compounds were reduced nearly to zero in second-hand e-cigarette smoke.


Ultimately, e-cigarettes cause less harm than traditional cigarettes. They have fewer and lower levels of toxic substances than conventional cigarettes. They can be a good alternative that helps regular cigarette smokers reduce or quit smoking. It is why cigarette sale online continue to grow. There are starter kits and individual e-cigs that you can purchase. You could go for many styles, and a ton of flavors to choose from and explore.


Take a dip in the e-smoking world. Switch to a more cost-effective and clean alternative to smoking now. Try out e-cigarettes with high-quality accessories so you can have a guilt-free and pleasurable smoking experience.