December 3, 2023

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8 Fun Games You Can Play In The Midst Of Covid19 Pandemic to Keep Yourselves Happy

All of us are worried about the current Covid19 situation, and most of us are locked inside our houses for months and weeks. However, fortunately there are plenty of things that we can do to keep ourselves and our kids occupied, and happy in these tough times. For instance, there are several games that we can play to pass our time as well as maintain our sanity.

Here we have listed 8 games, and to enjoy most of these games, you will require no equipment, but presence of mind and participation. So, let’s see what these games are!? 

Games you can play to enhance family bonding during covid19

  1. Hangman

All you have to do is write down a word with missing letters. For instance, if your word is PANDEMIC, simply write it down with blanks in between like – P _ _ _ E _ _ _, or in any way you want to. Now, let others guess the word. The first one to guess gets the points. While playing word games like Hangman, you can also teach your kids how to use online word finders like

  1. Find words within a word

Call out one word, preferably a 5 to 6 letter one, and ask others to find as many words as they can within that word. Set a time limit to complete the task. The one who comes up with maximum words gets the points.

  1. Name Game

You have to pick a category first e.g. names, food, vegetables, animals, etc. For instance, if you select names, and the first person calls out Emma, the next one begins a name with the last letter of the first name, which in this case will be ‘A’. 

  1. Rhyme with Me

The first player calls out a 1 syllable word and others take turns saying a word rhyming with the first word. For instance, if the first person says ‘pen’, the next one can say ‘hen’ and so on. Players are out if they repeat a word, or cannot come up with a word in 5 seconds. Again, you can ask you kids to prepare for this game with the help of online word finders like

  1. What if…? 

Ask questions like – What will you do if the lockdown ends tomorrow? Or what will you do if you get a superpower to defeat corona virus? You can ask almost anything, and this gives you an opportunity to know how your kids think. 

  1. Once Upon a Time

First player starts by making a statement and the rest gets to add one line to it. You keep on building a story until you think it reached a conclusion.

  1. Amazing Recall

First player starts by saying – ‘I went to the market and bought apples…’ the second one repeats the sentence by adding bananas after applies. You keep on adding items alphabetically until a player forgets the list. 

  1. Never Have I Ever… 

First player starts by making a statement like – ‘Never have I ever liked chocolates’. The next player has to guess if the statement is true or not. Statements can be funny or serious, or the aim is to know each other better.

There are several other games which you can play with your family and thereby keep yourself entertained. After all, this is the best we can do to keep ourselves cheerful in today’s lockdown world.