March 3, 2024

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4 Vape Tricks Easy To Do With An Electronic Cigarette

You can’t miss this trend if you follow vapers on social media. The vape tricks, that is to say, FIGS performed with a vapor electronic cigarette is impressive to achieve. But not always that complicated to do! Here are four easy vape tricks for cloud chasing enthusiast vapers.

Easy Vape Tricks With An Electronic Cigarette

They are everywhere: on YouTube, on Instagram, on Facebook. Expert vapers swing more impressive vape tricks ever and make those who are new to its dream. So how do you get started with E-Liquid Labs vape tricks?

First of all, you need to have the right vape equipment. For this, you will need a kit with a reasonably powerful box mod and a sub-ohm clearomizer (or a rebuildable atomizer) with low resistance (less than 1 ohm). On the e-liquid side, a High VG or Full VG juice vape is essential to make a maximum of vapor.

You will understand, the vape tricks are not intended for novice vapers! Be careful to document yourself well before using a powerful box mod to know how to use this type of vape equipment for experts.

A small detail to preserve your throat: full power cloud chasing is done without nicotine or with a very low nicotine dosage. If you try to vape in power vaping mode with a liquid in 12 mg/ml of nicotine, you will probably not risk it a second time!

Easy Vape Trick: O Ring

Making an O ring (a circle of vapor) is not a complicated vape trick. The technique is straightforward: inhale the smoke of, then spit it out in spurts, opening your mouth wide to form an O. With a little practice, you will obtain rings of vapor with your electronic cigarette!

Easy Vape Trick: The Tornado

The tornado or tornado always has its small effect! Contrary to what one might think, it is a simple vape trick to achieve. Suck in a reasonable amount of steam, then blow gently on a flat surface (such as a table). Once the dense vapor floats on it, run your hand over it and quickly back up with an upward motion. This will create a beautiful tornado of steam!

Easy Vape Trick: Waterfall

Making a waterfall with the vapor of an electronic cigarette is very simple! Take an empty bottle, blow your steam into it, then turn the bottle over to pour the steam on a table.

Easy Vape Trick: French Inhale

The French inhale is a rather funny vape trick to achieve but a little more technical than the first three. You have to breathe out the vapor from your electronic cigarette through your mouth while inhaling it through your nose.

All you have to do is train yourself to perform these vape tricks!